Aerospace Engineer
Vassili Tarakanov
6043 Clark St. Pierrefonds, PQ. H8Z 2G3
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Summary: 13 years experience in the Aerospace as a Research, Development and Design Engineer. Computer skills: Windows 2000/NT, Fortran 4, Mathcad 8



The Moscow Aviation Institute (Technical University), Department of Aircraft Design. Moscow, Russia. 1986 MSc in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering.
Specialty - Aerodynamics.


Universite de Montreal.  French as a Second Language Certificate.


Universite du Quebec ą Montreal.  English as a Second Language Certificate.


1991-99 Recearch and Design Engineer, Group Lead. Raskat Science and Technology Center, Moscow, Russia.

Hanggliders and Trikes. Full development cycle from concept design through manufacture supervision and flying test.

Light Utility aircraft. Preliminary design. Local Aerodynamics analysis and Stability & Control analysis. Modifications for aerial agricultural applications.

Propeller analysis and optimization.

Involved in R&D of a VTOL RPV.

1986-90 Research Engineer. Sukhoy Design Bureau, Moscow, Russia.

Su-24, Su-25 (all modifications)

Airplane dynamic digital models development, modeling and simulation of flight regimes and trajectory analysis with digital models. (CAD-Dynamics, Fortran 4)

Wing tunnel tests: program preparation, data analysis and report writing.

Flight test support: test program preparation, test report analysis.

OTT VVS (Airworthness requirement for military airplanes). Compliance check.

Pilot's flight instructions editing.

Involved in aircraft accident investigations.

Recommendations for flight performance improvement and modifications in sustaining programs.

S-37. Involved in preliminary design.

Aerodynamic layout of forward-swept wing combat aircraft. CFD analysis. Wing tunnel tests: program preparation, data analysis and report writing.

2000 Volunteer work, 1175214 Ontario Inc.

Statistical research on aerodynamics of propulsion systems and analysis of local aerodynamics of a UAV.