General info:

In-flight adjustable or variable pitch propeller (VPP) intended for Experimental and Homebuilt aircraft and other uncertified recreational light machines with internal-combustion engines (airboats, hovercrafts etc).

Prop blades are hand-made with high-strength carbon-fiberglass-epoxy composite. Each blade has High Density Polyurethane leading edge protection. Prop hub is made with aluminum allow, CNC machined and anodized. There are 2 hubs – for 3 and 6 blades. The blades are installed in the hub with ball bearings. Bolt pattern is standard (6  holes 8mm 75mm diameter) used for Rotax engines.   There is a control rod going from the prop hub center through a hollow gearbox shaft, it is used for the pitch control. 

The prop can be right and left hand rotation, used for both pusher and tractor configs. Spinner is strongly recommended for tractor planes. There are 4 standard blade models used for VVP hub, diameter 1750mm (69”) and 1820mm (72”)

There are numbers at each blade root. If you need a replacement, you can provide these numbers so replacement blade(s) can be supplied without bearings if you are able to remove the bearings from the old blade and install at a new one. If not, it is recommended to send a damaged blade + a good one as a sample to the prop manufacturer to reinstall the bearings to the new blade correctly.

Technical performances:

Max prop RPM 2800 rev/min

Max engine power 170 hp (3-blades) and 260 hp (6-blades)

Pitch change around 80 degrees

Temperature range +40/-40 degrees C

Approximate weight with 3-blade hub 8 kg (18lb)

Warranty against manufacturer’s defects 500 hours for 2 year

If you have any questions - contact Air Trikes Enterprises. E-mail: info@airtrikes.net Phone number: 450-202-7772  Website www.airtrikes.net or one of our local dealers closest to you.