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Ultralight or Experimental universal (1-2 seat) trike chassis for 2-stroke engine.

"Eagle" project was started in 2001 by aviation engineer and aircraft designer with about 20 years of experience in hangglider and ultralight building and flying in Europe and North America. Three prototypes: solo soaring, universal easy converted (for 2-stroke engines), and especially designed for auto GEO-Suzuki 1liter converted engine trikes are made and tested. "Air Trikes Enterprises" has started commercial production of kits, rolling chassis and ready trikes.

This design has a lot of advantages comparatively with trikes existing in the North American market. Strong classical European-style triangle structure of the rear suspension (not outrigger axle tube), shock-absorbers for all wheels make takeoff and landing more comfortable and safe. Lower position of the pilots allows to get lower center of gravity that reduces possibility of overturn during ground operations.

The compact layout provides excellent aerodynamics and keeps enough space that allows the installation of BRS, extra fuel, or luggage behind the pilot without aerodynamic penalties. Folded mast makes the wing installation quick and easy even for one person. Possibility to make and use it as a mono (legal FAR-103 ultralight) or two-seater (Ultralight trainer or Sport plane) layout, using different wings, powerplants, gas tanks, wheels etc., it is adjustable to all your wishes. Standard components from the US market (6061T6 and 7075T6 tubing, sheet metal, stainless bolts and lock nuts), well thought-out design allow to modify, repair, or easy built it at home from plans, and also keep reasonable cost comparatively with European trikes. Excellent trike for beginners, cross-county pilots and instructors.

This trike chassis is made in solo version. Front fork from Cosmos trike with drum brake wheel and foot supports. 4 shock-absorbers. Hang block safety cable. Cushion-type AEROS company seat with back supports. All holes are reinforced with inside bushings and plugs where necessary. All fittings, bushings, plugs and saddle washers are machined with 7075T6 and hard anodized. Sheet metal parts are 6061T6 and stainless steel. No heavy iron or welded (only light Cosmos fork) parts, all units are light and easy to pre-flight control.

Its weight is only 77lbs (35kg) with 5 gallon gas tank installed so a legal FAR-103 ultralight can be built. It can be used as a soaring trike with light engine (small Rotax, Hirth, Solo) and trike wing or even slightly modified hangglider wing. The same time it is enough strong and can be very easy modified (just by the second seat installation) and used as 2-seat Ultralight trainer (there is an axle hole for double steering installation) or Sport Plane trike with Rotax 503, 582. When disassembled, it is very compact and can be sent by UPS with very reasonable cost. It can be assembled for 1-2 hours using common wrench set. The same time, it is completely ready chassis. All what you have to do is painting the tubing and aluminum parts with your favorite color or polishing them; wing with hangblock, powerplant with control cables and instruments (if you wish) installation. The mast angle is done for light powerplant but can be easy adjusted. Compressed strut especially left longer and without the second hole. V-5 redrive system (look ) can be recommended as a powerplant solution for your trike. Rotax motormount can be added for reasonable additional cost. Look for more info and pictures.

This is the part of experimental or ultralight project. You could do any modification of your own project. You are the only responsible for the results of your work. Remember, this is a real flying machine so never forget about your safety! Use only high quality components and processes for your project. We are available to answer any questions you would have for your building process. Enjoy your building time, build your trike carefully and fly safely!


Vassili Tarakanov
"Eagle" project designer

Look a photo gallery (disassembled view, assembling step-by-step, assembled chassis, some details):

Disassembled Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5
Disassembled Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5
Step6 Step7 Step8 Step9 Step10 Step11
Step6 Step7 Step8 Step9 Step10 Step11
Step12 Step13 Step14 Step15 Step16 Step17
Step12 Step13 Step14 Step15 Step16 Step17
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View1 View2 View3 Fork Brake Seat
Det4 Det5 Det6 Det7 Det8 Det9
Wheel Tank Mast root Shocks Axles Hang point