Trike wings and accessories.

Aeros wings.

Air Trikes is Aeros distributor for USA & Canada. We sell Aeros trikes and wings, spare parts. We will help you with the right wing choice, installation a new wing to your trike, upgrade your wing with new sail, electric trim etc.

There are 5 different wings for 2-place trikes. They are single and double surface, cable-braced and strutted. Wings can be ordered with dacron or laminate upper surface, with tips-winglets, navigation light on tips and many other options. Highest quality and very attractive prices. For example the most advanced Profi TL with winglets, laminate upper sail and trim (left picture) is able to fly 100+ mph on my RW-50 trike with 100HP Suzuki G13bb. If you want to know more about Aeros wings - click HERE .
Interest to light single seat trikes is growing very fast all around the world. There are 4 wings for Nanolight (Microlight or Soaring) trikes. Top of the line Combat_T (right picture). More info about Nano wings HERE.

Electric trim kit.

General Information.

The trike wing electric trim was designed for changing the wing hangblock position in flight. It allows changing the trike hands-off speed in flight and takes excessive load from pilots hands. This makes the trike flying more comfortable, increase useable speed range and makes flight control more precise. It also allows tuning your wing faster and more accurate. Air Trikes uses this electric trim system as a direct replacement of Aeros trim for Aeros wings, as well as with other brands of trike wings. This is a very efficient system. For example it allows me to change Profi TL hands-off speed from 50 to 80 MPH. I can't imagine flying my trikes without it.

Two short videos showing the trim kit with Profi TL wing in flight and to X-14 wing with French 1 hangblock type.


Weight: 2 lb
Voltage: 11-14V DC
Amperage: 0.5-3amp (depends on loading)
Push-pull force max: 300Lb
Static loading max: 400lb
Average speed: per sec.
Length: 8 between holes, 14for Aeros wings (elongation can be ordered).
Travel: 4 (with internal kill switch both sides)

The electric trim kit consists of linear electric motor (servo), control switch, installation hardwere and instruction. Custom made installation brackets and parts can be used for different wings and trike hangblocks if necessary.
Different variants of the trim kit brackets, elongations and installations below.

"Apogee 16 and 14 wings"

General Information.

Apogee 16 is a high efficiency and gliding ratio double-surface trike wing. It was designed by well known Russian HG and trike wing designer, successful sportsman-pilot Vlad Mysenko. 400+ wings has been produced in cooperation with "Rotor" design bureau at Kamov helicopter plant. Used with many trikes. In production as a part of Ural-Apogee trike and trike kit. Its unique feature - it comes in a short package (about 7') so its overseas delivery is not so expensive as for other European wings. Used materials - German Polyant dacron and trilam, certified aviation hard anodised tubing, cables and hardware. Teardrop shaped A-frame and kingpost is a standard. It is the best quality/price ratio wing at the market. Can be used for light float trikes. I tested Ural with Apogee 16 and can say - this is a very good flyer.

Every wing is ASSEMBLED AT THE FACTORY, TESTED IN FLIGHT then disassembled in 7 long package for overseas delivery. All you need is a set of wrenches to assemble it. If you build an Experimental-Amateur Built trike, the wing building will be credited to your 51% work. If wou want, you even can order a partially finished kit, for example without battens and (or) cables. There are WING STRUCTURE and WING SAIL DRAWINGS Builder's help in any form. Another good feature of this wing - it can be transported inside your car, minivan or track. It is very easy to store this wing, it takes almost no space. Look at some pictures of this wing:

This are the pictures of my first Apogee 16 wing assembling-flying (standard tests made by the factory test pilot)

There is a step-by-step manual with pictures how to assemble this wing from 7 feet kit to ready-to-fly form, and then from ready-to-fly to 20 feet transportation bag


Area16 (14) sq.m /(174) 152 sq.ft
Wing Span10.2 (9.9) m / 31 (30) ft
Transport Package (Down tube) Length6.0m (20ft), 2.2m (7ft) shopt pack
Noze Angle127 deg.
Number of Upper Battens 23
Number of Lower Battens 10
Wing Weight 45kg / 99 lb
Max Trike Take-Off Weight380kg / 836 lb
Max G-Force +6 / -4
Max Speed120km/h / 74mph
Min Speed50km/h / 31mph
Fineness (Gliding ratio)9.5


General Information.

X-family of trike wings was created by a famous Ukrainian trike pilot, wing designer, and aerospace engineer Alex Homic. He manufactures them at his factory in Ukraine. At a huge former USSR market X-wings are very popular. At least four Russian and Ukrainian trike producers (RedWing, Cruise, Bimans-UL and KLASS) and a lot of amateur trike designers use these wings. Read feedbacks from some American X-wing owners HERE.

These 75-90% double surface wings have high flight performances, proven safety record, excellent control and stability. They are comfortable to fly in winter and summer seasons, on wheels, floats and skis. Many pilots have learned to fly trikes with these wings from basic to advanced level. Top quality and reasonable prices make them very attractive. There are 5 models in modern X-line of wings, ranging from 10 to 17 sq. m. You will find X-wing prices in Air Trikes pricelist HERE.

Air Trikes Enterprises is looking for X-wing dealers.


The most popular of X-Wings is X-14. This wing is also in production in Russia under license from Alex Homich. Hundreds of X-14 wings have been made since 1995. These wings are used for patrolling, crop spraying, training, and flying for fun, solo or with a passenger as well as sport flying. As a matter of fact, in my opinion this is one of the best wings for sport and "cross-country" flying.

Some Russian trikes with X-14

RedWings with X-14 Bimans-UL Cruise with X-14
RedWing MD-30   BIMAN-Spark   "Cruise"

In summer 2001, when I visited Russia, I met Alex Homic at the aviation salon MAKS (Moscow Airspace Salon). I told him that his X-14 looks very nice. Its big wingspan, good shape, and a lot of battens should give high flight characteristics. Because of the elastic dampers on the lower surface it must be easy to control and comfortable even in the midday thermals. He smiled and invited me to Kharkov to test my impression in flight. I accepted his invitation and bought his wing after a 20-minute solo flight. My first impression was completely confirmed! I operate as a distributor of these wings in North America as I see these wings made with high quality materials and technology, have excellent performances and very competitive prices.


Area14 sq. m / 150 sq.ft
Wing Span10.6 m / 35.3 ft
Transport Package (Down tube) Length6.0m (20ft), 4.2m (14ft) without the last tube
Noze Angle125 deg.
Number of Upper Battens 29
Number of Lower Battens 10
Wing Weight52kg / 115 lb
Max Trike Take-Off Weight450kg / 990 lb
Max G-Force (400kg/882lb gross trike weight) +6 / -4
Balanced Speed65-95km/h / 40.5-60mph
Max Speed130km/h / 81mph
Min Speed50km/h / 31mph
Fineness (Gliding ratio)9.5

The First X-14 in North America

X-14 X-14

The frame is made of high-strength aluminum anodized tubes. The top mast and the control bar side downtubes have a teardrop shape and electro- coating (option). The wing skin is made of high quality isomorphic Dacron fabric.

The color design is customer selected. Customer can choose the lower surface, leading edge and kile pocket colors. The upper surface is white to reduce the influence of sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Well-designed set of skin re-enforcement and battens helps extend the life of the wing sail and keeps its geometry optimum throughout a wide range of speed. Upper and lower surfaces are supported by a number of battens to reduce deviation of airfoil sections under changing aerodynamic loads.


The modern aluminum adjustable hang block allows to install the wing easy. Two plastic films (upper and lower), which are put into the leading edge, make its surface ideal. A soft long wing pocket, 2 batten pockets and some small safety covers for transportation are included.


The lower surface is a little wavy on the ground and absolutely smooth in air. I took pictures with both of my hands and my trike flew like it had an autopilot

My first (in North America) X-14 test flights were done at Rou-Air ultralight school (Richelieu airport). The wing was tested with two kinds of trikes: "Cosmos Phase 2" and my "Frigate". You can see the "report" and pictures below:

Wing1 Wing2
X-14 + Cosmos Phase 2   X-14 + Frigate

The take-off is smooth and nice. There is almost no pitch change (swing of pendulum) just after the take-off. The acceleration is very powerful. It reveals low aerodynamic drag of the wing even at high angles of attack. The climbing is classical. The cruise speed with one pilot was adjusted to be about 85km/h (53mph). The trike flies easy and acceptably even in thermal turbulence. The wing is very stable and at the same time very sensitive to the control bar movements. The control bar is unusually (after the Cosmos wing) "light" for pitch and roll moving at cruising speed range. I easily got 130km/h (81MPH) speed even with my not very aerodynamic "Frigate". During forced dive (control bar pulled to to the chest) there is some roll swing that stops with the increase in angle of attack. It is normal for a majority of trike wings. The wing is easily controllable at coordinated control (pitch-roll) and a little inert at non-coordinated one (roll only) at high speeds. In near-stall mode the wing continues steady flight and has good controllability. It was difficult to get it to stall on my trike. Stall recovery is smooth, with slowly pulling the nose down, without rolling. The wing goes out of stall just after release of the control bar, gaining speed quickly. The gliding and landing approach are without particular qualities. The trike flew over a runway longer than usually because of the high aerodynamic quality (low drag) of the wing and keeps perfect stability and controllability until the moment of contact. I really enjoyed high speed range, perfect gliding ratio, balanced stability and controllability of my X-14 wing.

The biggest advantage and disadvantage I have found:

Advantage- the wing, adjusted for high speed, flies quickly, controlled with small control bar movements, always predictable, its light control does not tire a pilot in turbulence. At the same time, the feedback becomes "classical" for low (takeoff, landing) and close to max. Speed. It makes the wing comfortable and acceptable even for not very experienced pilots.

Disadvantage- I understand I have lost so much fun because I began to enjoy X-14 only in summer 2001!


A lot of time passed from my first X-14 flights. In fall 2002 this wing was installed and successfully tested on a KLASS-Cruise trike with GEO-Metro 1liter converted engine. Now this wing is stanard for KLASS-GEO. You can read a feedback from one of KLASS-GEO owners HERE. I flew X-14 in very different conditions, from cold severe Canadian winter to even more severe midday turbulence in Florida. X-14 means safety and comfort for me. This wing becomes more and more popular in the US and Canada. I sell it with Eagle trike. Our clients installed and fly them with Airborne, Air Creation, Cosmos and homebuild trikes. X-14 has 4 standard A-frame dimensions and can be fitted to any type of trikes. In 2004 the first cordless tip batten wing came to North America. It keeps the same highest performances and has even more attractive appearance. The wing can be ordered with Trilam leading edje. I always try to keep one-two wings in stock in Montreal so you can get X-14 very quickly...if the color is not very important for you. Anyway, the delivery time is about 6-8 weeks, not too long. Look some pictures below, you can see different color X-14 wings installed on different trikes and enlarge some of them.

Winter 2004, Canada. I have just got my next distributor's package of 5 wings. Most of them are already sold. Ready-to-fly trikes with X-14 wings.
The first trike registered in the US under SLA rules. Sun n'Fun 2005 Cordless TE X-14 on KLASS.
One of KLASS X-14 trikes sold in Canada.
One of KLASS X-14 trikes sold in Canada. Sun n'Fun 2005 Standard X-14 on Eagle-GEO.
X-14 on Eagle-503 Eagle-GEO flying with cordless TE X-14. Look at the ideal distribution of twist along the windspan.
X-14 on Eagle-503 Eagle-GEO flying with cordless TE X-14. Look at the ideal distribution of twist along the windspan.

Some pictures made by pilots flying with tourists in Nepal. Altitude up to 5 km (16000feet). They fly for more than 10 years. Avia Club's specially trained, professional pilots have flown over 8000 tourist flights. Russian trikes with X-14 wings and KOOLprops are used. If you want to know more about Nepal Air Club, click here


This wing is ordered to design for Air Trikes Ent. in 2004 especially for North America market and heavy trikes regarding US Sport Light Aircraft and Canadia Basic Ultralight rules. It is based on proven and modern X-17 design but has smaller wingspan and 15.5 sq.m surface. I wanted to get the same Max. takeoff weight (1100lbs), higher Max. speed, lighter roll control than X-17 and better handling in turbulence.

The wing is tested on new Tourist trike with GEO G13BB engine. I couldn't expect better results. The wing is definitely lighter in roll than X-17. It doesn't change its performances with changing trike weight. Handling is nice in calm conditions and in turbulence, wing is 100% predictable. Hands off speed was trimmed as 55MPH, this is really good for quite large surface wing. Takeoff was short, climbing about 1300FPM. Very difficult to get stall, it is smooth with quick recovery. X-155 has lower aspect ratio so lower gliding ratio than X-14. I could feel it (after highest ratio of X-14) during final approaches and dives with low throttle but I can't estimate it as a disadvantage. It is easy to land a trike with this wing on a short field.

X-155 is not a soaring wing or wing for light trikes with small engines. This wing is designed for heavy trikes and powerful engines, and fine for them. This wing can be recommended for banner towing, floats, crop spraying, flying with floats - everywhere you need high takeoff weight, short takeoff-landind, easy handling and modern wing flying performances. You can see some pictures of X-155 wings supplied and flying in the US and Canada below.


Area15.5 sq. m / 166 sq.ft
Wing Span10.0 m / 33.3 ft
Transport Package (Down tube) Length5.7m (19ft), 4.0m (13ft) without the last tube
Noze Angle120 deg.
Number of Upper Battens 25
Number of Lower Battens 10
Wing Weight54kg / 118 lb
Max Trike Take-Off Weight500kg / 1100 lb
Max G-Force (470kg/1050lb gross trike weight) +6 / -4
Balanced Speed70-100km/h / 45-65mph
Max Speed135km/h / 84mph
Min Speed50km/h / 31mph
Fineness (Gliding ratio)8.5


This wing was designed especially for heavy trikes (3-place trikes, trikes with converted auto engines and floats, for chemical crop spraying etc.) It allows average pilots to fly these trikes as classical ones up to 450 kg (1000 lb) max weight and keep all advantages of X-14. It was tested up to 500kg (1100lb) max weight and has good characteristics of control and stability even for this weight.


Area17 sq. m / 182 sq.ft
Wing Span10.6 m / 35.3 ft
Transport Package Length6.0m (20ft), 4.2m (14ft) without the last tube
Noze Angle120 deg.
Number of Upper Battens 25
Number of Lower Battens 10
Wing Weight57kg / 125 lb
Max Trike Take-Off Weight500kg / 1100 lb
Max G-Force (450kg/1000lb gross trike weight) +6 / -4
Balanced Speed70-100km/h / 45-65mph
Max Speed130km/h / 81mph
Min Speed50km/h / 31mph
Fineness (Gliding ratio)9.0

This wing has been produced since 2000. I started flying X-17 in the summer of 2002. It was installed on KLASS-Cruise trike with a GEO-Metro 1 liter converted engine. The trike with this wing has good performance in terms of stability and controllability, which are equal for solo as well as with a passenger. Flying heavy trike with this wing is not difficult even for inexperienced pilots. It is more stable in longitudinal direction than the X-14, which makes it slightly more comfortable for long cross-country cruising. In spite of its big surface the wing is easy to handle and has excellent speed range. X-17 was installed at KLASS-GEO trike with 4-cyl. 16 valves Suzuki. You can read how this (not very light) trike flys with not very light (275lbs) owner + instructor and then solo HERE.



This wing was designed in two variants: solo (takeoff weight up to 600lbs) and 2-place (up to 880lbs) trikes. It has excellent speed performances and highest gliding ratio. If you want aerodynamically perfect wing with Vmax up to 90mph long level flying - this is your wing. For example, X-12-400 is used in Russia for oil pipeline monitoring. Has very reasonable (as all X-serie wings) price.


Area12 sq. m / 130 sq.ft
Wing Span10.0 m / 33 ft
Transport Package (Down tube) Length6.0m (20ft), 4.5m (15ft) without the last tube
Noze Angle128 deg.
Number of Upper Battens 23
Number of Lower Battens 10
Wing Weight (400)49 (52)kg / 108(114) lb
Max Trike Take-Off Weight270 (400)kg / 600(880) lb
Max G-Force (400kg/882lb gross trike weight) +6 / -4
Balanced Speed70-120km/h / 45-75mph
Max Level Speed145km/h / 90mph
Stall Speed (400)45 (55)km/h / 28 (34)mph
Fineness (Gliding ratio)10.0