Parts for Ultralight and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft.

Rexon VHF Air Band radios, aviation communication systems, headsets...

Established in 1990, Rexon Technology Corp. (Taiwan) has been in radio manufacturing business for over 20 years.

RHP-530 Nav/Com VHF Air Band Radio. My impression as a pilot after comparing this radio with Icom A6/A24 and A14 handheld radios - this radio is at least not worse. I personally like its very goodquality of materials and assembling.Li-Po batteryis better than NI-MH and Li-ion used for my Icoms. The same standard headset 2.5+ 3.5mm stereo jack connector used for this radio and for IcomA6 A14 so no problemsto use this radio instead of Icom handheld one. The same power and basic functions +some additional useful features, for example:
VOX (hands free) transmission allows to operate the transmission without PTT button.
Intercom function(optional 2 headsets +intercom adapter cable required).


Battery eliminator with cigarette lighter charger. Allows to connect the radio to external 12V power source.
Li-Po 1700 mah battery pack + 100-240V fast battery charger.
Intercom adapter with connectorsfor 2 x GA headsets and external PTT button+double Push-To-Talk(PTT) cable.
Aviation GA standardPNR headset.

Radio Specifications:

* TX: 118 to 136.975MHz
* RX: 108 to 136.975MHz
* Weather channels: 161.650 to 163.275MHz (the US only)
* 5W output power
* 10 weather channels
* 100 memory channels
* 121.5MHz emergency frequency recall
* Semi-duplex operation
* Scanning of COM and NAV bands
* Dual watch function
* One touch selection of active and standby frequency
* Side tone function
* LCD back light
* Programmable VOX (hands free) transmission
* Intercom function


*Unique band design, stainless steel wire for constant pressure over long periods of use
* Exclusive flex-boom articulating fulcrum, adjustable boom mic
* Ultralight, less than 1LB weight
* Extra-soft, high-density foam ear seals
* Single volume control knob
* High-density foam windsock for mic is included, it can prevent many wind noises
* Extra-soft foam head pad
* Noise canceling electret microphone with amplifier
* Weather sealed (silicone rubber cover) cable
* GA standard radioconnector 2 jacks

There are 3 main radio packages:

Basic - The package consists of Rexon RHP-530 radio, battery case for6 AA batteries, antenna, GA headset adapter, belt clip and User Manual in English. It is agreat ground support radio, main radio for Ultralight or Light Sport aircraft orspare radio for GA airplane. It can be recommended forrescue packages (boat, plane, yachtetc.)
+Power - Basic + Battery Eliminator for 12V power supply RCC-02 model. Battery case for6 AA batteries included.
+Battery - Basic + Li-Po 1700 mah battery pack + 100-240V fast battery charger. Battery case for6 AA batteries included.

The radio can be supplied with Power AND Battery options, as well as with Intercom type B adapter + PTT cable.

2 combos for 1 and 2-place aircraft:

Solo - Radio (Basic) + GA headset for Single place aircraft (glider, paraglider, hangglider, trike, PPC, PPG etc.)
Duo - Radio + Intercom type B adapter + PTT cable + 2xGA headsets. Simple radio-intercom package for 2-place aircraft.

The radio can be supplied with Power AND Battery options
MicroAvionics protective helmets MM020A, MM020B, MM021 can be used with these headsets for open cockpit aircraft.
These PNR headsets are basic, low cost. If you have a noisy of high speed open cockpit aircraft; if you want highest quality sound or listen music while flying, we recommend to think about more advanced Active Noise Reduction GA and UL MicroAvionics headsets.
Full Rexon and MicroAvionics Pricelist here.
If you want to place an order or ask questions - contact us.

MicroAvionics Intercoms, radio systems, headsets, helmets, strobes...

MicroAvionics communication system are proven as one of the best for open cockpit airctaft included trikes. Micro Arionics products are compatible with many other brands (Lynx Avionics, Flycom, MT Autogyro, GA radios/intercoms). They are excellent quality and reasonably priced. More info HERE.

Electro trim kit for Aeros and other trike wings.

Well tested, lighter and less expensive than original one from Aeros.

BRS parachutes.

Being BRS dealer, Air Trikes install and sell BRS systems for their trikes about 10% cheaper than you can buy them directly from BRS. We also can supply all new models of BRS chutes for Canadian and American customers. Ask with E-mail if you need exact quotes with delivery to your place.

Floats and skis.

We can supply composite (carbon + fiberglass) floats and skis for your trike or airplane.

Fairings, instrument pods, wheel pants, fenders.

We have different fiberglass parts available for your orders - nose fairings; Manta, DTA and Airborne style dashboards, different wheel fairings (low profile and finned) for different wheels.

Wheels and wheel rims, hydraulic brake systems, shock absorbers...

We can supply different wheels, brake and suspension elements for your trike or airplane.

Trike cushion seats and seat webbings, trike covers.

Available for our trikes and separately.