Parts for Ultralight and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft.

MicroAvionics Intercoms, radio systems, headsets, helmets, strobes...

MicroAvionics communication system are proven as one of the best for open cockpit airctaft included trikes. Micro Arionics products are compatible with many other brands (Lynx Avionics, Flycom, MT Autogyro, GA radios/intercoms). They are excellent quality and reasonably priced. More info HERE.

Electro trim kit for Aeros and other trike wings.

Well tested, lighter and less expensive than original one from Aeros. Ask with E-mail if you need exact quotes with delivery to your place.

BRS parachutes.

Being BRS dealer, Air Trikes install and sell BRS systems for their trikes about 10% cheaper than you can buy them directly from BRS. We also can supply all new models of BRS chutes for Canadian and American customers. Ask with E-mail if you need exact quotes with delivery to your place.

Floats and skis.

We can supply composite (carbon + fiberglass) floats and skis for your trike or airplane.

Fairings, instrument pods, wheel pants, fenders.

We have different fiberglass parts available for your orders - nose fairings; Manta, DTA and Airborne style dashboards, different wheel fairings (low profile and finned) for different wheels.

Wheels and wheel rims, hydraulic brake systems, shock absorbers...

We can supply different wheels, brake and suspension elements for your trike or airplane.

Trike cushion seats and seat webbings, trike covers.

Available for our trikes and separately.