Customers' feedbacks.

Air Trikes has hundreds of customers at all 5 continents and many countries, not only in North America. Some of them became my friends. I created this page because I'm not a good web designer, my guestbook doesn't work anymore.

Send me your feedback. A good feedback makes me proud, a bad one makes me working better. Send me your pictures, videous, your real experience of working with our products.
It will help not only us but our new customers to make the right choice. I'll try to place most of them at this page. I don't make separate feedback pages for trikes, wings, engines etc. If you want to know what people think about the products they got from Air Trikes - you will find their notes below. If you have questions - their e-mails or phone numbers here so you can ask them directly.

Fred Gayford Ontario Canada. 67" scimitar prop on a Rotax 912 plane

From: Fred Gayford
Sent: August 02, 2016 11:21 PM
Subject: KOOLprop

I bought one of your Kool propellers and just wanted to send you a few pictures of my Ekolot Pathmaker that I put it on. It is a work of art. It performs well. Its just so smooth and quiet. The vibrations through the fire wall are less. Its just so impressive to look at.
I would highly recommend this propeller.

Sam Stewart, SD, USA. 69" KOOLprop, trike with G13BB engine

From: Sam Stewart
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 12:47 PM

I purchased a 67.3" from you a few months back and (after much trial and error) finally found where it works best. Recall this is a G1BB on a trike with Aeros Profi TL wing. My best pitch here is at 14 degrees. Just to let you know I accomplished my objective of reducing cruise rpm (10-15%), egt temp. (10-15%) and cooler running temp. (5-10%). Quite discouraged at first at the lower pitches, but kept plugging away and finally found one that works.

Richard Stubbs, South Africa. 69" KOOLprop with spinner for Alto TG airplane

From: Richard Stubbs
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016 11:48 AM
To: 'Air Trikes Enterprises'
Subject: KOOL Propeller

Hi Vassili
Just an update on my KOOL 69 inch Scimitar 3 blade propeller fitted to my ALTO TG. You may remember I had a vibration issue which has been completely resolved now with a re-machined spacer that has a spigot for both the propeller and gearbox side on my Rotax 912 95hp Xtra motor. As you know I tried several propellers to find the best option including the Czech FITI, Polish PESZKE and DUC props, none of which returned better performance figures than the KOOL. Perhaps the only thing I might consider doing over is ordering the blades painted black facing the cockpit to limit the glare - which one always seems to get with a completely white prop in certain conditions.
With kind regards now
Richard Stubbs

Glenn Esquivel, Las Vegas, USA. MicroAvionics ANR-VOX radio Combo for Northwing Navajo 582 trike

Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2016 1:42 PM


Robert Sumner, Oregon USA. Amaterur built Eagle-Solo trike

From: Robert Sumner
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 11:21 PM
Subject: Eagle Solo

Hi Vassili,
I thought you might want to see one of your one seat trikes built with a gearbox 503 flying. It is pretty heavy (with 503 Ebox and 2-place wing), but with me and the wing on it flies fine. Just have to have someone hold the front end down while lifting the wing. I may re-do the seat and I have to move the instrument pod forward as my wing just barely clears it. But it flew fine and landed smoothly...
I plan on building another one later as a soaring trike with perhaps a Kawasaki 340 on it. I do have more pictures if you would like them as well. I think on the next build I will find a way to put some lift assist struts on the mast... I have a buddy who might have me build one for him too.
Hope all is well.
Thanks Vassili..

Reuben Gullackson, BC, Canada. 69" KOOLprop with spinner for 912S Rans S-7

From: Reuben Gullackson
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 6:28 PM
To: Air Trikes Enterprises
Subject: Rans S-7 with new 69" Koolprop

Hi Vassili.
Got the prop on today, I set the prop pitch Guage you sent me at 0 to start with. I set the pitch from the backside of the hub as I am a tractor configuration. Attached the prop and ran it up. I got 4500 rpm at that setting at W.O.T. I then removed the prop and reduced the pitch 2. Reinstalled prop and ran again. I got around 5000 rpm W.O.T. so I went for test flight. I was suprised how fast the tail came up and how smooth the engine was running. I was off the ground at 40 mph and pulled up into 65 mph climb out. I watched the VSI hold steady at 1200 fpm. I am impressed to say the least! Cruise on 26" Alaska airstreaks is an easy 110 mph at 5200 rpm. Flat W.O.T at 5900 rpm showed 130 mph. I am pretty sure I hit the sweet spot with that pitch setting. I only did 2 circuits so I am anxious to do more testing. I am thankful for that review done by the stolspeed website guy. His evaluation of different props is what led me to you. Thank you again for your speedy service and recommending me the 69" wide prop, it is a perfect fit for my Rans S-7. By the way I was 3/4 fuel and I weigh 220. I must say better performance than my old Kiev prop, and I really like that prop. Feel free to ad me to your customer testimonials!
Reuben Gullackson
Muskwa Valley Aviation.

Troy Krenning, CO, USA. Two MicroAvionics ANR-VOX radio combos for Powrachutes

Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: MicroAvianics

System works great in the air. Excellent. I will get on PayPal later today (for the second one). Everyone here seems to think these are much better units and prices than Lynx.

Adrian VanLoenen, Ontario Canada. His own design trike with Profi TL+trim, G13BB engine and KOOLprop (now scimitar)

Adrian is an experienced pilot-instructor, trike designer and my good friend. He built this trike in 2011. To this moment (November 2015), he has around 300 hours on it.

Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 10:56 AM
To: Air Trikes Enterprises
Subject: Re: GEO Project

Thank you Vassili,
I always value your input and suggestions.
5 trikes flew to Bernard Rouairs place on the weekend at the St Hyacinthe Airport. Cathy Montgomery, Peter, Jim Davidson, Bruno and I. We met Bernard and enjoyed the flight - left on Thursday and came back Monday. Logged 10.5 hours - and because I flew slow at 60 mph ( to slow down to my fellow pilots speed range - 4000 RPM ), my GEO used 7 Liters per hour. Usually I fly at 74 MPH with the wing tips ( which is closer to 9 Liters per hour - 4700 RPM )...
My Profi is very stable and a pleasure to fly and I never feel at risk. The GEO too is a pleasure - it has run flawlessly all summer and I have logged some 60 hours this year so far. Now I have total 260 hours on my GEO. Very happy with it. Jim flew his HONDA engine to Quebec with us and his Profi king post wing. He is slower and uses more fuel because he has carburetors.

In September 2014 Adrian damaded his propeller blades (a screwdriver forgotten on the engine valbe cover). I advised him to buy a set of new scimitar blades. From his E-mail:
Hi Vassili,
I mounted the new Simitar prop blades last weekend. They are a lot smoother than the straight blades and you were right I picked up about 7 - 8 kph speed.

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2011 10:23 PM
Subject: First flights in new GEO trike

Today was a big day for me - after working on and off for nearly 2 years on the GEO trike project the aircraft flew today and I am very happy with the results. Here is the story: For those of you not into trike flying just skip to the last section entitled " IMPRESSIONS......"
A couple of small details and the trike was ready to go and we arrived at the hanger just before 11. The set up - taking my new wing the AEROS Profi TL from the BMW trike to the GEO went quite smoothly. Lynn arrived at 11 also in his Falcon and he took the wires and controller switch from the trimmer device off the BMW and installed these on the GEO. ( can't fly without the trimmer ). Soon I was doing fast taxi and small hops. The GEO power was very impressive and extremely smooth. Also the sound is very nice with the new muffler I bought from Vassili, and not noisy at all. With the support of Lynn and Attie it was decided to re-check the engine and cooling system for leaks after these initial small hops and high RPM run ups. Everything looked good. Then I took to the air and flew around the circuit over the waters of Varty lake. The climb is impressive - actually too aggressive because the trike gets awkward to fly with extreme yaw being pushed that way by all that thrust. So I quickly lowered the RPMs and climbed less agressively. Still it out-climbs anything I have ever flown. The control bar was where I expected and the pitch attitude of the trike was correct according to the setting of my Dynon D6 flight instrument. With the BMW I tended to fly gentle turns because the wing would get out of sink with the trike in the yaw axis in aggressive turns - not so with the GEO. I could perform steep diving turns with confidence. Upon landing ( and soon noted on the taxi tests ), was the superiority of the fiberglass Bow frame holding the rear wheels.
We then had a bite to eat and decided to fly to Art's - the three of us ( Attie with Lynn in the Falcon ). Off to Art's we went and Lynn got up close to me while Attie took some good air to air shots of the trike. We landed at Art's and soon I was showing the details to some of the Kingston ultralight club members. But I wanted to keep it short because I wished to fly to Jeff and Jackie Douglass' which is near Picton and on the big island of Prince Edward county. Attie took Ryan home while I continued on. Took off and flew to Jeff and Jackie's - got there in a headwind in about 35 minutes ( Lynn said his airspeed indicator showed 65 while we flew to Art's ). I was happy to see the Douglass's out doing lawn work and made a decending circuit and a fly-by near the strip's grass. Then I landed and and stopped very short with those powerful brakes. As usual I had a nice visit with Jeff and Jackie but wished to press on soon and fly some more while the day still had some light. Noted more gear oil on the gearbox casting at the top so I checked the level and found it only a bit down from the level plug so OK. Everything else good.
Flew back to Varty via home where Christa watched, and Ryan's 4H club was walking on our trails. The readings with the Trimmer in full speed position: RPMs 3600 - 3900, Water Temp 190-215 ( usually at 210 F ), EGT 1200, Voltmeter 15V, Oil pressure 75psi cold 65 psi hot. Got back to the hanger and drained the oils from Engine and gearbox. Engine oil was non synthetic for break in and it was mildly dark but no metal to be seen. Gearbox oil was Hypoid 90 and had metal coloring in the oil which I expected and is required to be changed after the first flight according to Vassili. Everything else looked good especially the fuel level indicator which showed a drop of 1/2" which means very little fuel was used on the flights. I wish to drain the fuel into gerry cans to actually measure the amount used but Vassili said it should use about 8 L per hour and that looks right.


The trike flew stable, fast, and smooth and was confidence inspiring the entire time. The GEO engine is beautiful; so smooth, powerful and quiet while sipping fuel. My efforts in setting the mast angle proved correct as the prop flies straight into the incoming air, thus minimizing vibrations and maximizing fuel economy. As for handling it flew very stable and predictable. My hot dog flyin days are here again ( when other pilots are not looking! ).
I have been flying the BMW trike for 15 years now and it has evolved to where it is at today, which is to my liking and cannot be much better. This will happen to the GEO as well as I strive for that sporty aerodynamic look I know to be correct in my mind's eye. Very happy with the first flights. Years of modifying, increasing my pilot skills, and failures has resulted in the project being a sucess from the start.

Max Semenov, Russia. Apollo Delta Jet trike with G13BB engine, SPG gearbox, KOOLprop and Profi TL wing with Air Trikes trim system

Your trike is a real trike of Champions! My wife and I, we have won Russia 2015. We are going to prove again and again - we are the best, and your trike+engine combo is the best too.

George Cormier, New Brunswick Canada. RW-50 trike with G13BB engine, SPG gearbox, KOOLprop and Profi TL wing

This is RW-50 trike built from a kit end of 2014. George converted and installed G13BB engine by himself used our conversion kit and parts.

From: George Cormier;
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2015 12:32 PM
To: Vassili Tarakanov
Subject: RE: Flying

I have around 50 hours on the g13bb Total trike is working fantastic. Would like to fly it to Ontario late July to visit Adrian and Bruno and also camping at Cobden and later fly to UPAC convention then fly back to Yarmouth.
On Friday morning at 6:30 I left Yarmouth airport and flew to my airstrip at home in NB. A 3 hour trip (6 hrs by car). I reached an altitude of 8000 ft and my top speed was 85 mph at times. I had to go and do some work at the house and airstrip to get it ready for a FREE fly-in breakfast I am hosting on June 27 and 28 to get some interest going trying to find a buyer for the property.
This morning (Sunday) left at 6 AM to fly back home. A bit bumpy at times and kept the altitude between 5000 and 6800 ft. with top speed around 75 mph but made it back 20 minutes earlier than on the way up. Burned 60 liters and had 120 liters in the tank. Glad to get back as I didn't dress as warm as I should have. When I left this morning it was 4 degrees and had to wait for the sun to melt the frost off the wing.

Carl Moushegian,Virginia, New scimitar shape KOOLprop with spinner

Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 12:30 PM
To: Air Trikes Enterprises
Subject: Kool prop for my HKS

I purchased your 3 blade scimitar prop for my 912 powered Earthstar JT2 Thundergull. I am very pleased with the prop quality ,performance, smoothness, and quietness. I recently acquired a very slick single seat Earthstar Soaring Gull. It is powered by an HKS 700e
Pusher configuration
Reduction gear is 3.47 to 1
In a previous text you recommended a 3 blade, 69" Scimitar Kool prop. Will send money today. Plus pictures of Kool prop on Thundergull - beautiful appearance and outstanding performance. My brother in Norcross Georgia will be contacting you about an upgrade as well He has a Challenger 11 with HKS which underperforms with 3 blade wood prop
Carl Moushegian

Larry Wallace, Alabama USA. The first (in USA) trike with G13BB. SPG gearbox, KOOLprop

This is 2003 built KLASS-GEO trike, the first trike with Air Trikes conversion of 100HP GEO-Suzuki G13BB in the US. SPG-3 gearbox, 69" KOOLprop, standard modified engine control system. Many G13BB engines were built from this time. They are flying on different types of aircraft. Some improvements were made, but I look after the leader. This trike/engine has hundreds of hours on it. Larry is the 4-th owner of this trike.

A couple of days ago I asked Larry about his aircraft and was happy to get the answer from him the same day:
From: Larry Wallace;
Sent: Sunday,Marth 19, 2015 10:28 AM
It is flying great, Vassili. It never fails to crank and runs smooth as silk. I just finished my annual and ready for warmer weather.
I don't think there is another engine/redrive combination that beats a suzuki/airtrike. The only thing I wish it had is rear brakes. The front brake is not quite enough for short field landing. (They were built to fly, not to stop!)

Nicholas Flint, Great Britain. Hovercraft, KOOLprop with spinner

Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 6:26 AM
Good morning Vassili. My KingFisher 18 ft hovercraft home design/build was tested on Loch Fyne Scotland recently and was successful! I have bought an inclinometer to very accurately set up the 3 blades to exactly the same angle to improve dynamic balance. It IS quiet, but I NOW wish to improve matters as best I can. I can send you a photo of her flying if you wish to include it in your user gallery.
Kind regards, G Nicholas Flint

Allen Mattice, ON Canada. Beaver with Suzuki-GEO G10 engine, SPG-3 & KOOLprop

Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:32 PM
To: Airtrikes
Subject: RE: Airplane
Hi Vassili
I have a lot of people very interested in my engine/ gearbox combination since they are now seeing how well it is actually working. I will send anyone I can to check out your website because I believe in what you are doing. Have got about 20 hrs total flying time in this year after not really getting going until the end of July. Geo is working great along with the SPG3 and prop I got from you. Really enjoying the fact that the whole project ended up working out so well. Thanks for your help.
Other than that, have a good one & will talk soon.

Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 8:16 PM
To: Airtrikes
Subject: RE: Airplane
Hi Vassili
Finally got to the air with my Beaver ultralight a couple of weeks ago. Seems like it is well worth all the effort-what I nice engine, gearbox, and prop combination that you recommended. Set the 63" prop at "0" and am getting about 5400 RPM out of it. Great climb and cruise with that prop setting and the fuel economy is unbelievable. Took a lot of work to get the plane all balanced out properly with the heavier engine, but man does it ever fly nice now. Toying with the idea of pitching the prop to get the full 5700 RPM out of it (peak HP), but am thinking more and more about just leaving it alone-works great. Also have just a 14" straight-pipe on it and it is actually still quieter than the rotax 503's that I am used to flying with a muffler-again-just leaving it alone. Water temp stays at about 182 no matter how hot it is outside, and cruise is at about 4300 RPM-barely feels like the engine is working.
I attach my most recent pics of the plane for you soon-they are on my laptop at work.
Once again, thanks for your help in this project and hope that more people will see how great these little engines really are. It is funny, there were a lot of people who told me that you should not put a car engine on an airplane. I ignored those people as I knew that they were ignorant to the facts. Now that the project is successful, those people are now coming out to see the plane for themselves and have changed their tunes.

Gerard Hebert, BC Canada. Red Wing trike with Profi TL, G13BB engine and KOOLprop

Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 12:12 AM
Subject: Re: rw50

Hi Vassili,
Was flying RW-50 today it finally quit raining, was nice day for flying, got about 2 hours this morning and about 3 hours this evening did lots of touch and go's... I think I will need better brakes to land in 350 ft. paced off some of my landings ,shortest one was 375 ft and the longer one 410 ft. Take off distance with just me and 35 liters of fuel about 175 to 200 FT. Is there rear brakes available for this trike probably would have to go hydraulic brakes on the front also. By the way the trike works awesome! I've been flying with the wing trimmed for slow flight takes a little getting use to that wing but I like it, very predictable. Regards

Serge Demuz, QC Canada. Eagle trike with X-14 wing, G13BB engine, KOOLprop

To middle of 2015 Serge got around 500 hours on his Eagle with G13BB. He changed the wing for Aeros Profi TL with trim. We often fly together. He is happy to fly Eagle-Geo.
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 6:12 PM
To: Airtrikes
Subject: Thanks!!!
I got the trike from you, you teached me to fly. The more I fly Eagle - the more I like it. The trike is simple, light and strong. Everything is just as I want it to be. X-14 wing is a full pleasure to fly. Suzuki Engine is much more superior than Rotax 582 I flew before. 3900-4000 rpm cruise, 1200-1500FPM climbing, 7 l/h gas consumption, nice sound, feeling of full safety - what else engine can provide it? And you are a good teacher, good instructor. I flew my first 10 hours with you. I started to become a pilot with you. My first fearless takeoff, flight and landing were done with you. You made my dream true. I hope to fly with you more, I wish to become your friend, I hope you will teach me instructor course in the future.

Jim Fields, HoneyBee gyros - G13BB engines, SPG-3&4 gearboxes, KOOLprop

Here is the rest of my earlier email to you
Suzuki is attached. Fly great with one person; not big enough for 2PT.
The Honda Fit (with SPG4) is going to be used on our Single Place High Performance, it is the perfect engine for this class of gyroplane.
Got SPG-4, thank you! I will be using the 2.34 that you sent me on an EcoTec 2PT around the end of the month. I will let you know how it works out.
We have had no trouble with the drives; we want to be a good long-term customer too!
Thanks for ALL your help...

Jim Fields
President, HoneyBee G2, LLC
Below his experience of flying G13BB on a gyro:

For those that made it to the EAA 2011 Airventure event and made it out to the Ultralight Field, you probably got a first hand look at the Pink Single Place-High Performance HoneyBee G2 flying! With 90 HP and over 400 lbs of thrust it is a great flying machine. This aircraft flew flawlessly for the entire show and was an absolute joy to watch and fly. When the show was all wrapped up, we packed up the aircraft and headed for Mentone. The aircraft was ready for some maintenance and I knew that when we got to Mentone, I was going to be flying it back to Michigan. It was due for an engine and gear box oil change; this was a good time to do it.
Once it was unloaded and fueled up at Mentone, I took off with about 30 minutes to spare for daylight in Hastings. Off I went into perfect weather on a simple 1 hour and 55 minute trip home. Fifteen minutes into the flight is when the trouble began..... On one of my routine scans of the panel I noticed that the Coolant Temperature was in the yellow at 215 degrees. That was odd, it had never done this before. I looked down again a moment later and it was back in the green at 205 degrees running cool....for awhile. There were no noticeable issues with the engine most of the time but it would spike just enough to let you know that something was going on and maybe wrong. The tell tale signs did not seem to be a problem; just the gauge. Well, the engine ran fine all the way back to Hastings in spite of the gauge telling me that the engine was running very hot for seconds at a time. When I landed, there was no coolant missing, it had not filled the overflow tank and everything seemed just fine or so it seemed.
To make this a short not long story, please understand that it would take me pages to tell you the full story of what we have learned since that return trip. The short story is that the Enigma/ARDAC/MFD just flat out a big way. This failure caused us to look at the pump, the sensors, the head, the radiators, etc. When we finally got to the bottom of the issue we learned so much by just going back to a simple, non-electric analogue coolant temperature gauge. What a great and simple fix it was... though frustrating to say the least.
Guess what? Since we have gone this direction, the Suzuki never has "run hot" since; it runs at 175 - 185 degrees, hour after hour after hour. What a great engine. I am real convinced that some additional changes are being made to our panels. I think you will love what you see!

Marius Popescu, BC Canada. Profi TL wing, KOOLprop, BRS chute

Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2011 5:49 PM

Hello Vasili,
Control of the wing is fine ... It does everything that is supposed to do. When I get better I will maybe wAnt sexy trike and to go 145 kph. At 110 it gets too fast for me... I want to enjoy the things I fly over :) I took it as fast as 125 and that was enough for me ... Cruising 75-120 max is all I want. I like this wing a lot more than the Nebo it is topless and I love that. I've only flown Nebo 18sq m so it's hard to compare. the TL is very stable and I climb 1100 ft min one up and if I push it i can likely do 1300 As a beginner with 50 hours while my trike was being built , jumping to TL was pretty easy. I did my solo on that wing and all went very well... I would recommend this wing to anyone it is not as scary as it may feel to a beginner ...I had it sitting in the box for a year and wondered the whole time if it would be too fast for me . Turned out i love how it all turned out. With one up I sink at 500ft min and two up 600. Yeah I am quite happy to be flying lts a dream come true and how can anyone not love their first trike. The prop is not loud and it pushes me around pretty good. I honestly dont have much prop knowledge ... I would like a blue one though haha :)
Sent from my iPhone

Robert Bellefleur, Quebec, Canada. PPC with Suzuki-GEO G13BB engine, SPG-3 & KOOLprop

Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 9:51 PM
Subject: RE: My order

Salut Vassili
Je suis revenu trs satisfait du travail effectu par toi. J'ai effectu mon premier vol avec le nouveau moteur dimanche le 10 avril 2010 8hr 30 am sur le Lac-Mgantic sur ski. Je fus magnifique. Un moteur puissant non bruyant et qui tourne tout doux! Ca change du hurlement des moteurs 2 temps. Au sol j'avais ajust mon hlice 5,500 rpm max. J'ai dcoll et grimper sans problme 5,000 rpm. En vol, je maintenais mon attitude sans peine 4,500 rpm. La temprature du moteur tait 180 degr aprs 30 minutes de vol et la pression d'huile 75, alternateur chargeait 14.5 volt.
N.B Le concepteur de l'appareil Jacques Fleury de Victoriaville a t impresssionn par les grandes qualits de ce moteur!
Merci encore pour le bon travail
Robert Bellefleur

Danny Lareguy, Quebec, Canada.
RW-50 trike with Suzuki-GEO G13BB engine, SPG-3, KOOLprop and Aeros Profi TL wing

RW-50 flying

Hi Mr Vasili
i am sending you this e-mail to show you my gratitude for all the support you and airtikes as given me since i decided to learn and fly my trike wich I assembled with your help from a kit - model RW50 . I wish if possible that you put this e-mail as a reference on your website so people could undersatnd how satisfied i was with an experience i put myself into ! I love the fact that you took the time to show me and teach me lots about trikes flying before i decided to buy my trike from you witch by the way is in my honnest opinion the best trike for the money you can buy and i have plenty of power with my suzuki engine 100hp and i have no dought that the fuel injection is best over carburator like other airplane engine , so all that said i am very happy with my trike and i fly faster and climbing rate is great even with a passenger . I will gladly recommend anyone wanting to learn about fling , buying or even just technical support on anything regarding trike Mr Vasili and Airtrikes is the place to go or call with the aded bonus that it is less expensive too , Mr Vasili is truly a good person to deal with and i will keep doing business with him as long as i fly trikes.
Sincerly Danny Lareguy

Lynn Schuetze, Nebraska USA. Airboat with KOOLprop

From: Lynn Schuetze;
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 5:02 PM
Subject: Re: mini air boat

How are you? I wanted to send you some photo's of my mini airboat I made with your Kool-prop. Turned out perfect very very happy with it. It goes about 35 miles an hour, with two people. Thanks for your help on the prop. I am surprised more guys are not using the kool-prop on there mini airboats. I have read many forums on the mini airboat and I think I am the only one using the kool-prop. If you need a testimonial from me for your website - here it is. The best advertising is a over satisfied customer, that's me. Last year I spent hours and hours researching and looking for the perfect prop for my mini airboat, and found the KOOL-prop from Air Trikes Enterprises. People tell me that they can"t believe how quiet and how well it pushes my mini airboat. If you are looking for a high performance prop for your mini airboat this is the one.

Alberto Santori, Italy. Suzuki-GEO G-10 complete, converted with SPG gearbox

My name is Alberto Santori and I live in Sant'Elpidio a Mare, central Italy. In Sept. 07 2007 I have ordered a complete G10 engine converted with SPG-2 from Air Trikes. The engine arrived in Italy Nov. 02 2007. Everything was as promised . The quality of the engine and parts was very good. Additional materials were clear to understand. I started working with my installation. During my work I asked for help from Air Trikes and for a few spare parts. All questions were answered promptly so I received all the support I asked for.The engine was installed on the plane and started. It was running very regular since the beginning though I had to solve the cooling issue of the radiator due to the not ideal position I placed it.After adjusting the hot air extraction the plane started to fly the end of 2008 and was sold to the customer after several hours of test flight.

To Sept. 2010 as far as I know, my customer/friend has logged 76 hours. Fuel consumption less that 2 gph, temps in the normality. He had a problem with boiling water coming out. It seemed it was because of a faulty thermostat valve... The problem was fixed , engine wasn't damaged at all, the plane keeps flying .

All together I'm very satisfied to work with Air Trikes and can recommend other people to deal with this company. If you want more info, my phone is +39 339794319 and my email is iskandat at Later I have bought a set of plans for Eagle trike with Suzuki engine from Air Trikes, working slowly with this project now as other projects come first .

Stephen Johnston, USA. KOOLprops 69" and 73" on Zenith 701 with 100HP Rotax

KOOL on 701

From: Stephen Johnston
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2010 6:26 PM
Subject: exciting prop test results

First of all I want to say thanks for suggesting this Kool prop. I finished the static thrust tests today and here are today's results.

Kool prop Rotax 912s
8.2degrees pitch--- 5300RPM static 527lbs. thrust outside temp. 18degree F.
6.8degrees pitch--- 5575RPM static 530lbs. thrust outside temp. 20degree F.
9 degrees pitch--- 5100 RPM static 507lbs. thrust outside temp. 22degree F.

Wood comp Rotax 912s
17degree pitch --- 5300RPM static 385lbs. thrust 22degree F.

I am surprised. I did not expect to see such good numbers for the Kool. At 5300 RPM the Kool prop pulls 142 lbs. more than the Woodcomp prop. Static thrust of 5.3 lbs. per 1 HP is amazing! I checked the calibration of the scale against a digital scale at 500lbs and my pull test scale was within a couple pounds. I am looking forward to the flights tests. The attached photo shows the prop mounted on my 701. The prop is big and it looks robust.

From: Stephen Johnston
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 1:56 PM
Subject: test flight with 73" prop

I did fly my Zenith701 with the 73" prop. My 73" blades are smooth at the higher RPMs but start to get rough at low cruise RPM settings. I suspect the carbs need to be balanced so I will try that first. I also want to recheck the pitch on each blade. I flew the 73" blades for a short flight with skis on and it climbed out at 5400 RPM at 65MPH and 1300' per min. with about 16 gallons fuel and me at 165 lbs. Wide open throttle at 5800 RPM I showed 105MPH. For my aircraft those are good numbers.
I hope to order the 69" KOOLprop soon. Steve.

My short comments.

Later Steve tested 69" KOOLprop. Short results:
Wide Open throttle, he got 108 MPH with 5700 RPM, +13MPH more than factory built and tested 701 with the same engine!
65MPH climbing, +135 FPM won even with 400RPM less!!!
Cruising at 3000ft with 5300-5500 8pm is +8+9MPH faster than before!!!
And takeoff distance is significantly shortrer.

So he has won not only in takeoff distance and climbing performances but in cruising too. Look He got 13 MPH Top speed more than a prototype with recommended prop, and +100FPM better climbing. Actually looking at this table, we can say going from a standard prop to KOOL we can win the same as going from 912 to 912S with 20HP more , but this modification would cost much more than going from one prop to another.

Debra and Patrick Nesbitt, BC Canada. KOOLprop 69" on 701 with Rotax 912 80HP

Posted by: Debra and Patrick Nesbitt
Lumby, British Columbia Canada, July 24, 2010
Subject: MISS KOOL picture

KOOLprop is smooth and quiet. Flew 2 hours this evening with the KOOL prop, what a big improvement over previous (GSC) prop. It really jumps when you hit the throttle, all around a really good prop. Hope to go flying tomorrow after work.

Ian Ellis, Australia. KOOL Savannah

KOOL Savannah

From: Ian Ellis
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007 12:51 PM
Subject: A very KOOL Savannah

Hi Vassili

Well the prop was fitted. Early start Sunday , take off run was a little over 40 mtrs with 1st stage flap and climbed out at 50 kts @1100 fpm and 5500rpm and would have gone into the red but that was OK . Cruise 75 kts at 4700-4800 rpm 85 kts @ 5000- 5100 rpm 95-7 @5400. The prop is smooth and well balanced and well made, now that I was happy with the performance I flew to a local club BBQ and a meeting with the president of the Recreational Aviation Australia who flies a Foxbat ( kiev prop ) who inspected the prop and liked it.

So my friend the Kool prop was very cool and very smooth. I will be looking at ordering about 10 props and spinners, what will the postage be? As it is so close to Chrismas I might have to draw off your stock maybe four props and a couple of spinners just for the Flyin at Evans Head? I can then advertise in the local recreational flying mag with conviction (8000 pilots and 20000 copies each month ) and love the product. I have tried Brolga and IVO and yes shake ,wobble and enough vibration to loosen rivets. At new year we have a flyin that normally has about 150 aircraft turn up each day and I normally sell at least one Savannah kit and the other pilots all want to see what prop you have , how to improve their aircraft. I'm not an aeronautical Engineer like you and I may ask some questions about props that sound a bit silly to you, but as they say horses for courses in other word I know my trade you know yours so if you think that I'm doing something wrong say so as you are the expert in this field. Regards Ian

My short comments.

These are pictures from my Motherland - typical "Russian Flying Jeeps" - Zenith 701 with Subaru converted with SPG gearbox and with Rotax 912 both with KOOLprops. Such planes are used in Russia not only for fun flying but also for crop spraying (you can see a chemical tank and sprayers), patrolling etc. Subaru-SPG powerplant is well proven and I think can be used by 701-Savannah builders in other countries. It gives not only highest thrust and smoothness. Its solid riveted stainless steel leading edge is the best protection against "out of airport" landings (tall grass, dirt, drops of water, gravel etc.) Definitely KOOLprop is the right choice for STOL and bush planes.

Al Griffin NC USA, about KOOLPROP on his KLASS trike with G13BB Suzuki-GEO converted with SPG-2 gearbox

My short comment: Al Griffin is the first pilot in North America started to fly KLASS trike with 100 HP Suzuki-GEO G13BB converted with SPG-2 gearbox. It was in 2004. The trike performances are really good even with his 280LB weight, he flies his trike and happy. His 2005 year comments are here too. He changed the X-wing recently (his wing was damaged by a strong wind), now he installed new 69" KOOLprop. His comments from FlyGEO group below:
Date: Oct 03, 2010

,,,,my old blue prop that came with my 1.3 klass trike was tuned to perfection,,,,i was their when we spent a full day testing,,it,,,,and it took 5200 rpm to get a good take off speed and climb,,,,,, i changed out to the kool prop,,,,got better take off ,,and better climb with engine only turning 4800 at take off,,,,and mind you ,,,all of this was seat of the pants stuff,,,,and certainly not scientific ,,,,by no means,,,but ihad been takeing off from my home field,,,at a certain point ,,,and i decresed this by many feet,,,,it is a point on my runway i call go no go,,,,,i now fly the kool prop at cruise ,,,at about 3800 rpm give or take,,,,,i could not maintain alt,,,with the blue prop doing that,,,,,aint goann argue with you ,,folks cause i know most are much smarter than me,,,,but iam very pleased ,,,,with my kool prop,,,,scientific results or not,,,,,Al

Kyosti Rautiainen, Finland. Geo-Suzuki G13BB with SPG-3 and KOOLprop at a "Hydrocopter"

Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 4:14 PM


I send you some pictures. Max speed of our hydrocopter is about 100 km/h. Its designed for professional wishermans and authorities, and carry 400kg, so it is about 2 wishermans and accessories. It runs on snow, ice, water, swamp and grass. One craft is sold now, Kysti builds 3 more.
Heres link to newspaper, but it is finnish. Google translate it somehow.
We like the engine and prop very much, we will buy 3 more sets from you soon

Graeme Gee, Australia. Geo-Suzuki G13BA with SPG-2 at a stylish Biplane.

Hi Vasilli,

thought you might like the feedback
Cheers graeme...

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 16:39:58 +1000

Hi Graeme,

the engine sounds just great , lots of grunt , cheers , Salvador
G13a 8valve engine with spg-2 and using a Bing carb we purchased from Jabiru aircraft Co. VERY impressed and it spun up very quickly

Larry Stapleton, USA. Eagle trike built from plans and registered EAB.

From: Lawrence.Stapleton@BSHG.COM
Subject: Stapleton Eagle - N961LS


My background - I have been in sales for over 20 years, but prior I worked in the Maintenance Dept for a major water heater mfg. We fabricated all of our production equipment, so I learned to weld, operate machine shop equipment and fabricate. These are skills I have tried to keep up the best I can. My work area consists of a small garage and most hand tools and power tools. However, I do not have access to any lathes or end mills.

Your plans were pretty straight forward and easy to interpret.

Not having access to a lathe, I modified the plans and used Schedule 80 PVC hose connectors, sanded down to fit as reinforcement sleeves in the axle and suspension tubes... I used aluminum saddles on all connections of brackets to the main airframe tubes. On the end of the main tube where it connects to the upright tube, I did use a piece of solid 2" round bar and extended it about and inch out the back. I was then able to cut it down with a hacksaw, so the I would have a connector point for the down tubes from the engine mount. On the front suspension, I used a front suspension assembly from a Yamaha Razz Scooter that I purchased from Ebay. I then modified it. For seats I believe I will be using cushions modified from Outdoor Patio Furniture. Fuel tank - I have purchased a 15 gallon opaque gas tank from Moeller Industries. The only pieces I had to have made were the axles. I had them made using 6061T6 Aluminum Round Bar turned down to slip fit into the axle tube. I then had a 3/4" hole center drilled and 3/4" hardened steel rod pressed into the aluminum sleeve. The whole assembly was then fit into the axle drilled in two placed and through bolts installed to hold the asm in place.

Hope this info is interesting to you - It has been fun building this trike. I have purchased a Gibbo Manta 17.5 M Folding Wing to be used and I have had some flight training with Mike Percy from Fort Walton Florida. I am a commercial - instrument rated pilot with over 1200 flight hours. I also am an experienced skydiver with over 1000 jumps. This experience has made the transition relatively smooth.

Thought I would let you know that I passed the airworthiness inspection and am now flying my trike. At this point I have about 10 hours flown of the 40 hours required for Phase 1 Flight Testing. During the airworthiness inspection there was no problem having a ready wing. The inspector gave some credit for the assembly of the wing and attaching it to the trike. I kept a builders log that listed the date and what items I worked on on that date. The inspector I used was from my local FAA Flight Standards District Office

Thank you,
Larry Stapleton
Mobile: (601) 291-6243

Gale T. Tyler USA. Contol system for G13BB engine.

From: Tyler, Gale
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 8:18 AM
Subject: GEO Wiring Harness and help


I want to thank you so much for all your help and excellent workmanship and quality of your wiring harness for the GEO G13BB just purchased by Scott Adair. I was the rebuilder of the engine and I was in charge of integrating the electrics etc. Friday night we called you with a problem we encountered during engine start and you gave us the crucial information we needed to finish the job. This was regarding the oil pan gasket that wasnt supposed to be there We removed it, sealed the pan with sealant and the engine started instantly. We really appreciate your outstanding knowledge and customer service. If we had to discover this discrepancy on our own it would have taken days Thanks very much. The aircraft was flown Sunday, three times without a single problem.
I am very interested in your trike for myself. I am a PPG pilot, and I love my sport but Im interested in the trike for tandem purposes and extended flying time in more turbulent conditions. I really like the GEO engine since Ive overhauled one its an excellent powerplant. My background is in mechanics and I am impressed by this affordable rugged little motor.
What would it cost me for one of your trikes? I am interested in partial construction and maybe rebuilding one primarily, but a turn key is not out of the question. (I enjoy putting my own touches on things). What do you have on hand or do you have any packages that are available?
Thanks very much,
Gale T. Tyler
Viera, Florida

Ted Green Maryland USA, Eagle trike with X-14 wing, 4-cyl GEO-Suzuki SPG-2 and KOOLprop

From: Ted green
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2008 8:05 PM

Hello Vassili

I'm happy to report that I now have 171 hours on my Eagle. I should have twice as many hours, but unfortunately work and personal life get in the way. My Eagle is now an N-numbered (N2653E) aircraft (ELSA) as of 01/2008. The Engine (G13B SOHC throttle body fuel injected) turned out to be a perfect choice. With an airspeed of 42-45 mph, level flight is attained with 3,800 - 4,100 engine rpm at 1.3 - 1.5 gallons per hour one person. With 2 people the consumption increases to about 2 gph. These fuel consumption numbers appear to be significantly better than comparable trikes with the G10B engine which has to turn at 4,400+ rpm for the same cruise. Max climb rate is sea level to 3,000' is between 900' - 1,100' per minute depending on air density. At 10,000' max climb is 600' per minute.

The trike with the X-14 wing cruises comfortable with 2 people and handles like a sports car flying solo. Most of my flying is cross country. With the large fuel tank (12 gallons) and modest fuel consumption, flight time is only limited by my need for the bathroom. I run full synthetic oils in the engine and gearbox, change them every 25 hours, and have no noticeable consumption between oil changes. I'm sure I could go longer between oil changes, but oil and filters are relatively cheap compared to engines and the price of fuel.

Ted Green

Jim Davidson ON Canada. KOOLprop

KOOL on a trike

From: Jim Davidson
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 8:16 AM
Subject: KOOLprop

My new KOOL Prop is GREAT! I was sure that having a faster wing would mean I would have to spin the prop faster, more RPM, more fuel. Well that is not the case. I'm now cruising at 60 mph and engine is at 5000 rpm. Actually better than the performance I got with the Warp Drive with a slower wing. KOOL PROP.....VERY COOL!
Thanks Vasilli.

Ellis Snydal USA, Rans6 with Subaru EJ-22 converted with SPG-2

From: Ellis Snydal
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2008 11:16 PM
Subject: RE: Subaru EJ, redrive SPG-2

Thank You Vassili for the fast response. I have attached some pictures.

The gear box and adapter you sold me has worked out very well. The gear box is quite. Thanks to your gear box and adapter it made it a lot easier to get the prop at the right speed. I am currently using a 72 inch Kiev Prop. I have a factory flywheel that I turned down and it weights about 16 lbs. I bought an aluminum flywheel this week that is 10.6 lbs. This will also help take off some pounds. I also will change my stock alternator over to a Subaru Justy alternator because it is three pounds lighter. The muffler I am using is a Super Trapp. I currently have two and will go to one this spring to also remove some weight. The Subaru 2.2 liter is heavy but it is the best engine for longevity and performance. This engine is a 2001 and I decided to use OBD I instead of OBD II. It is a lot simpler and works just as well as OBD II. I have 23 hours on it and when I get to 40 hours the FAA will certify it and I can fly any where I want. The Rans S6ES plane is a great plane and works well with the Subaru engine.

Roy Markham GEO-Turbo with SPG-2 on Air Creation trike

Posted by: Roy Markham Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:02 am (PST)
Subject: AC Clipper trike Powered with Geo-Suzuki G10 Turbo & SPG-2 gearbox

Well I have the Air Creation with the G10T. I had the 582 previously. Peformance is much better esp at all up weight.
My base is 5500ft AMSL (Normal DA of around 7500-8200!!!)
Climb rate at MTOW is better than the 582 was one up! Using cruise control and taking off at around 4500-4800rpm gives around 650fpm (my 582's WOT). I also get around 5l/h when flying with around 30l of fuel. With a full tank the fuel is around 6-7l/h and my trike cruises at about 58mph hand off.

I'm totally happy with the engine as the fuel consumption is so low I can do almost 750 miles (1200km) with one normal sized tank (60l)! Not to mention that at my altitude I have more power than a 912S!

For anyone flying from a high altitude I will not hessitate to recommend Vassili's product. I will try the G13 next but for now I'm happy to have the Turbo. At one point I was climbing bar in at about 85mph and VSI was off the limits.

I have had some minor things to sort out but mostly as I couldn't copy anyones engine mount due to my boot / luggage area. The engine has a rough spot at 1500. Cruise is 3600rpm one up @ 5l/h (1.3 US Gal) +-50% throttle.

My trike is not a light trike either, it weighs 225kg empty still less than a 912. At idle the gearbox is louder than a 912 and in flight the engine has a more throaty sound. Bystanders say it sounds like a V8 Chevy . The only negative comment I've had is it's size looks big compared to a rotax. From what I've seen the size is misleading as it's not heavy even though it looks big.

For the price what else is there really? Powerwise the engine fits inbetween a 912S and a 914 - at my altitude. I glad to answer any questions.

David de Figueiredo Eagle-GEO trike made in India with SPG-2, KOOLprop and X-14 wing

From: David de Figueiredo
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2007 10:27 AM
Subject: Eagle trike Powered with a new MPFI, 93 hp. Suzuki, SPG-2 gearbox and KOOLprop

Hello Vassili,

I thank you for your valuable suggestions. I would not have thought of that on my own. You have no idea as to the amount of interest this has generated. This is surely the best trike that could be used as a trainer. I have seen the potential , and I am going to build another one straight away. I will incorporate your auggestions too. You will see.

As far as the X-14 wing is concerned, it is just EXTRAORDINARY. I did an aproach with my leg off the throttle and just let her glide down on idle power. There was no problem whatsoever. The engine thrust was complimented with the X-14 wing and the result was unbelieveable. I have never flown something like this ever. Hats off to you for encouraging me all the way.

Murray Green Sask. Canada, Corvair converted with SPG-2 and KOOLprop

From: Murray R. Green
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 12:51 PM
Subject: success

Vassili; The Corvair engine with the SPG2 and Kool prop is just an excellent combination. I got about an hour on the plane last night. I can't get over how smooth and quite the engine/gearbox/prop combination is. Excellent takeoff and climb.
Please send me you exact mailing address as I would like to send you a video of the flights. I couldn't be happier. The gearbox and prop seem to be made for the Corvair engine. Thank you for all your advices and support. Murray Green
Rosetown Sask.
RagWing Stork RW-20

Corey Butcher USA
WWI bomber replica with G10 and SPG-2 kit

From: Corey Butcher
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 19:09:21 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Voisin at Oshkosh

Vassili, I have every intention of FLYING to Oshkosh. The airplane will be ready by the end of March for final inspection. I should be able to fly off my restrictions before June, weather permitting.
I'll be sure to let everyone know. When I see you at Oshkosh, I promise to give you BIG RUSSIAN BEAR HUG, YAH? 8^)

You can see his excellent web-site HERE And YES, he is flying his Voisin now!!!

Bob Geerhart USA. Titan with G13BB engine and KOOLprop

From: bob geerhart
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: SPG-2, Cool Prop, Spinner


Spinner was received today. Thanks. I must tell you, ALL of the material, and parts I have purchased from you have been exceptional. The quality of every product has been excellent. It has been a real pleasure working with you.
As I said in my previous e mail, I will be sending you lots of pictures of this project. I have already received several inquiries about some of the things I am doing to this Titan.
Again, Vassilli, my experiences with you have been some of the best that I have experienced.
Your friend.
Bob Geerhart

Waiting for your pictures and flying report, and good luck Bob!

Al Griffin USA

From: Al Griffin
Date: Tue Jan 25, 2005 4:27 pm
Subject: solo flight taken by new pilot

I just want to take the time for just a minute to let you know that i was able to solo klass 1.3 geo engine trike with 17.5m X-17 wing. I purchased this trike at sun and fun. After training for a mere 4 hours in the Aquilla with its very light touch wing i was able to transfer over to my Klass Trike and wing and Breeze the landings. The glide and stability of the Klass wing surpasses anything i have experienced. Now for the performance of the 17.5m wing and my big Butt of 275 lbs was totally awesome. The climb out performance was at 1300 + f/m i could throttle back and cruise at approx. 4500 rpm at a speed 60-62 mph. With no bar pulled in. For my very first flight in my own trike we did a short cross country to allow me to get used to the klass trike and wing (with instructor) i actually had to fly back in a rain storm. The windshield and pod on trike were very much appreciated. Except for a little rain on my hands and arms i was completely dry.

I am a consumer just as everyone else. My money that i spent traiding and purchasing the trike was by far the best. Im not going to drag it out any longer just to let you know that a 49 year old man has had his dreams come true with this entire experience. I do not do computers (my daughter is typing this for me) but if anyone has any questions feel free to call me toll free 1-877-290-2562 please before 9pm est. Thank you AL Griffin

Jaime Alexandre ON Canada. KOOLprop
More than 1,100 hours flying C-GJIV with Geo engines

Date: May 07, 2005
Subject: I tested Vassili"s Koolprop

.... I have been working a lot of hours for the past four months and today I took time off and installed the 69" diameter beautiful black sexy 3 blade KOOLprop, set it about 15 degrees at 11.25" from the winglet tip, fired up the engine, checked for tracking, taxied out to do a high speed run and check the static settint on the runway, I found my nose wheel rotating off the grass at about the same distance that the 72" 3 bladed IVO would normally rotate even do my static reading was reading lower then the IVO.

I went for it, I flew over 2 hours, I am very impressed with the performance, it climbs better, it cruises faster, it is much-much quiter and smoother. Vassili you are a person of your word! You do and say what said you would, I am impressed, thank you.

Jim Alexandre. Check his website BTW, he bought 2 Spg-2 gearboxes for his new engine progects - G13BB flat and EA-81 injected.

Ken Ritcher USA
Kolb with G10 Suzuki SPG-2 conversion. G13+KOOLprop installed later.

Date: July 19, 2006
Subject: Koolprop


Tried the new 67" KOOLprop out today. It made a big difference over the 70" IVO I used before, Better climb about 200fpm more, the plane lifted off way quicker, and cruise was way lower rpm, but the best was how much smoother and quieter it is. You were right with your advise to change the prop!

ken richter

John Richardson USA
Apex trike with Geo-Suzuki SPG-2 conversion and KOOLprop.

From: "Richardson's"
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 11:58 AM
Subject: Kool Prop

Vassili......Greetings from Arizona. Have been flying the trike for over 25 hours now and really have enjoyed it. I noticed you have a picture of mine on your site...makes me proud, thanks. I really love the kool prop. Unfortunatly, while taking off from a dirt road to help some ranchers locate some missing cows, I hit a rock and distroyed the prop. Need another set of KOOLblades. Thanks, John

Moses Ezekiel FL USA, Eagle-GEO trike

Date: Jan 6, 2006
From: "moe" moe11309...
Subject: Eagle-GEO built in Florida


Just wanted to write to thank you for all your support and let you know that Ive been flying my Eagle/ Geo trike and everything is going great. The trike is built like a tank, I followed your blue print 95% but made a few modifications to speed construction along but overall if you look at the pic its an Eagle trike, stable on the ground with its low c/g and wide wheel base and great in the air since it fits me comfortably. I fly the trike from both pavement and grass and it handles both well. The Geo with SPG-2 redrive is definitely plenty of power for my needs and once I worked out my carb and ignition issues ( no computer ) it works better then expected .

You are more then welcome to give out my email address to prospective customers but do not post it on your website (don't want spam)

David Capaldi FL USA, KLASS trike with GEO engine

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:07:22 -0000
Subject: Klass Cruise / Geo Trike Report

My new Klass Cruise / Geo 1.0 Trike now has about 15 hours on it and I thought I'd share some information about it. The trike itself is robust and feels extremely secure. The pod is very strong and can easily hold a 200lb person standing in it while getting into and out of the seats. It feels like it's built like a tank. The seats are very comfortable. The rear seat is styled around a 'bucket' type seat and has a lot of space (both in width and legroom). Both seats have a 4 point seatbelt, although neither are recoil which is probably my only complaint about the whole trike.

The performance of the trike is great and I am extremely happy with this aspect. The engine is a Suzuki Geo 1.0L, with 3 cylinders, converted with SPG-2 gearbox. It's fuel injected so there are no concerns about carb icing, mixture control, carburettor adjusting, etc. It runs very smooth and can idle at as low as 600RPM with little or no vibration at all. It is smooth running during power applications and maxes out at 5700RPM on my trike. One great advantage of this engine is that spare parts can be bought at any automotive supplier very cheaply, without having to order parts through other engine manufacturers such as Rotax.

Take off roll is very short and with one person flying on a cool (for Florida) morning at around 50 degrees F, I can easily achieve a 1100fpm rate of climb at max power, although I usually climb out at around 5400RPM and 800fpm. With 2 people on board, 700+fpm is attainable at max power. Cruise speed of 55mph happens with 4300RPM and again the engine is very smooth and quiet at this setting.

The wing I have is the X-14. It's balanced very nicely and is light in roll, progressively getting heavier as roll input increases, which I like. Medium and steep banked turns are effortless and the wing displays great stability and is very predictable and forgiving. Stalls are mild and occur at around 34mph. As soon as power is applied or the nose is lowered the wing comes out of the stall and is flying again immediately with little pilot input. Max speed is claimed at around 85mph, however I've only taken it up to 75 or so. All in all, it's a great machine. I'm just a very satisfied customer. I highly recommend the Klass Cruise to anybody looking for a great performing, solid trike.

Ron Bertch USA
North Wing Apache trike with KOOLprop

Date: August 07, 2006
Subject: Koolprop initial impression

Thank you Vassili!

I like the Kool Prop. I like the white color and the stainless steel leading edge. The curled tips look Kool and my wife said the trike is noticeably quieter when I fly.
When tuning the prop with the trike restrained, I was very surprised to see the rear tires on the trike lifted off the ground when I approached 75% throttle. Wow! what a difference in thrust with the Kool Prop versus the 70" Ivo prop. I will say it made me nervous to increase the speed to full throttle to check the max rpm of the engine.
When I flew the trike for the first time with the Kool Prop I was well pleased at the shorter take off distance and very suprised at the much faster rate of climb. In fact, when I let the wing back out to the neutral position at about 50' AGL I felt like I was going to go verticle. I had to pull the wing back in a great deal and keep it there until my initial climb out to 200' AGL. During this time the trike was still climbing at 700 fpm! Once at 200' AGL I felt a bit more comfortable and slowly relaxed the wing to the nuetral position while easing off on the throttle.
With the Ivo 70" prop I would pull the bar in slightly after lift off and at 50' AGL I could ease the control bar back to the neutral setting and climb at 600 ~ 700 fpm.
At cruise speed the Kool prop is a great deal quieter than the Ivo Prop. The vibration factor between the two props is very evident at all rpm ranges. The Kool Prop has a slight virbration at 5200 rpm and I am not sure if it is the prop or the engine. I will say though the virbration and rough running engine in the 3,000 ~ 3900 rpm range is completely gone with the Kool Prop. I always thought the MZ202 was just a rough running engine at the lower rpm range, not so, it was the Ivo Prop.

"Rocky" Ron Bertsch

Rafael Salinas, Mexico
KOOLprop on Quicksilver with Rotax912S

Date: July 5, 2006



rafael salinas

Micky Jovkovic
KOOLprop on Merlin with Rotax 582 2.65RR

Date: June 13, 2006
Subject: msg from Micky at Greenbank Airport

Love my 67" KOOLprop--I will let you know future thoughts but at this time there is a real excitement --about 2-300 foot per minute improvement after IVO, much quieter, and cruise seems to be lower--I need some more time to access performance levels--but looks very positive. VasilLi - setting the pitch is very simple--sorry about my concerns.

"Micky Jovkovic"

Gordon Tomilinson UK, SPG-2

Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 16:54:51 -0000
From: "yark_the_bar_back"
Subject: SPG-2

I recieved the gearbox assembly from Vassili and Im very impressed with the quality of it. Choosing this re-dive over the belt system has definitly made up my mind that this is the better of the two. I personally think that having to mount the distributor on the rear of the engine is a nonsence. I have no doubts that I would trade with him again, considering that what Ive been told is absolutely correct upto now. I dont think that if any problems arise, he would`nt be able to help me out. With what members on this group have posted about Raven ,it makes you think if it would be the same dealing with them? No, this isnt spam, just letting people know of good service I`ve had from Vassili during my project. ......Gordon.

This feedback was sent to

Richard Swiderski

Richard is flying Colb with G10 turbo. He bought a new Raven belt redrive first. Then he saw some of our trikes with SPG-2 conversion flying an Sun And Fun and sold Raven system to buy SPG-2. His web-site with a lot of useful info about G10 turbo is HERE