If you want to place an order or have questions, the best way to contact is E-mail., Use both addresses. Even if there are temporary problems with one E-mail box, we will get your E-mail anyway. Don't use attachments other than pictures, the system can send your E-mail to junk or spam folder. Please don't send E-mails like "Hey, send me more information about everything you have" or "What you can say about..." Try to send specific and clear questions, they will be answered. I usually answer E-mails the same or next day.

You can call me from 9AM to 9PM. My name is Vassili. Please use understandable English, don't forget English is not my mother languge. For customers-Quebecers. I understand French, can read and speak "un petite-peau" but probably my French is worse than your English. If I don't answer your call, probably I'm in a business trip in Europe. Once more - a preferable way of communication is E-mail. If you can't use Email service, you can send SMS (not MMS) to my cell.

Phone: +1-450-202-7772
Cell: +1-438-832-7772
Cell2: +7-987-140-4633 (Europe)

Address: Air Trikes Enterprises
2241 Place de Belvedere,
Saint-Lazare, Quebec
J7T2B1 Canada

Skype: taravas3 .