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Moses Ezekiel

Date: Jan 6, 2006
From: "moe" moe11309...
Subject: Eagle-GEO built in Florida


Just wanted to write to thank you for all your support and let you know that Iíve been flying my Eagle/ Geo trike and everything is going great. The trike is built like a tank, I followed your blue print 95% but made a few modifications to speed construction along but overall if you look at the pic itís an Eagle trike, stable on the ground with itís low c/g and wide wheel base and great in the air since it fits me comfortably. I fly the trike from both pavement and grass and it handles both well. The Geo with SPG-2 redrive is definitely plenty of power for my needs and once I worked out my carb and ignition issues ( no computer ) it works better then expected .

You are more then welcome to give out my email address to prospective customers but do not post it on your website (don't want spam)

David Capaldi

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:07:22 -0000
Subject: Klass Cruise / Geo Trike Report

My new Klass Cruise / Geo 1.0 Trike now has about 15 hours on it and I thought I'd share some information about it to those who are unfamiliar with the brand, as there are very few of these machines flying in the US.

The trike itself is robust and feels extremely secure. The pod is very strong and can easily hold a 200lb person standing in it while getting into and out of the seats. It feels like it's built like a tank, making it a little heavier than many other trikes on the market, but also much stronger. The seats are very comfortable. The rear seat is styled around a 'bucket' type seat and has a lot of space (both in width and legroom). Both seats have a 4 point seatbelt, although neither are recoil which is probably my only complaint about the whole trike.

The performance of the trike is great and I am extremely happy with this aspect. The engine is a Suzuki Geo 1.0L, with 3 cylinders. It's fuel injected so there are no concerns about carb icing, mixture control, carburettor adjusting, etc. It runs very smooth and can idle at as low as 600RPM with little or no vibration at all. It is smooth running during power applications and maxes out at 5700RPM on my trike. One great advantage of this engine is that spare parts can be bought at any automotive supplier very cheaply, without having to order parts through other engine manufacturers such as Rotax.

Take off roll is very short and with one person flying on a cool (for Florida) morning at around 50 degrees F, I can easily achieve a 1100fpm rate of climb at max power, although I usually climb out at around 5400RPM and 800fpm. With 2 people on board, 700+fpm is attainable at max power. Cruise speed of 55mph happens with 4300RPM and again the engine is very smooth and quiet at this setting.

The wing I have is the X-14. It's balanced very nicely and is light in roll, progressively getting heavier as roll input increases, which I like. Medium and steep banked turns are effortless and the wing displays great stability and is very predictable and forgiving. Stalls are mild and occur at around 34mph. As soon as power is applied or the nose is lowered the wing comes out of the stall and is flying again immediately with little pilot input. Max speed is claimed at around 85mph, however I've only taken it up to 75 or so.

All in all, it's a great machine. Abid and Rob at Tampa Bay Aerosport provide great customer service and are very proud of their product. I'm not affiliated with the company in any way, I'm just a very satisfied customer. I highly recommend the Klass Cruise to anybody looking for a great performing, solid trike.

Al Griffin

From: Al Griffin
Date: Tue Jan 25, 2005 4:27 pm
Subject: solo flight taken by new pilot


I just want to take the time for just a minute to let you know that i was able to solo klass 1.3 geo engine trike with 17.5m wing. After training started last year in February with Tampa Bay Aero sport. I purchased this trike at sun and fun. Tampa Bay installed the engine and test flew it for me. I was unable to do any training till now, therefore the trike has been grounded. Went down to their new facility Zeplyhills airport. Basically, started all over with the training process again. However, like riding a bicycle my training from almost a year ago came right back. On this occasion i was flying an Aquilla Trike with an Aquilla wing 582 engine. For those of you that are considering a new wing understand that i am by no means an expert but i have flown with 3 different wings. First, 14.5 on a Klass second being the Aquilla and the third which is my wing the 17.5 wing. There is a HUGE difference in wings. After training for a mere 4 hours in the Aquilla with its very light touch wing i was able to transfer over to my Klass Trike and wing and Breeze the landings. The glide and stability of the Klass wing surpasses anything i have experienced. Now for the performance of the 17.5m wing and my big Butt of 275 lbs was totally awesome. The climb out performance was at 1300 + f/m i could throttle back and cruise at approx. 4500 rpm at a speed 60-62 mph. With no bar pulled in. For my very first flight in my own trike we did a short cross country to allow me to get used to the klass trike and wing (with instructor) i actually had to fly back in a rain storm. The windshield and pod on trike were very much appreciated. Except for a little rain on my hands and arms i was completely dry.

I am a consumer just as everyone else. My money that i spent traiding and purchasing the trike was by far the best. The reasonable price of the trike and the expert training i recieved from Tampabay Aerosport will be greatly appreciated for many years to come. Im not going to drag it out any longer just to let you know that a 49 year old man has had his dreams come true with this entire experience. I do not do computers (my daughter is typing this for me) but if anyone has any questions feel free to call me toll free 1-877-290-2562 please before 9pm est. Thank you AL Griffin

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