Apollo Delta Jet

This is one of the fastest and most aerodynamically perfect trikes in the world. Light and strong structure, streamlined fiberglass body, mast and chassis with finned wheels, excellent ergonomics for both pilot and passenger regardless of their size and weight All these features make Delta Jet trike very attractive for all kind of pilots.
Russian National Champions fly Delta Jet trike with Geo-Suzuki G13BB engine built by Air Trikes. But not only high end but different level pilots tested 2 our trikes with different wings and in different weather. Most takeoffs-landings were done from dirt narrow country roads and rough grass fields. All pilots loved new equipment. Their general feedback it is like getting a luxury sport car or SUV after driving an ordinary KIA.

Outstanding performances up to 1400 FPM climbing, 90+ MPH max and 80+ MPH comfortable cruising, about 6 liters per hour (1.5 GPH) gas consumption with economical (3300 RPM) cruising. Tall windshield + neoprene cobered front fork hole give no wind feeling on pilots' head and body. These performances + good turbulence handling and ultimate comfort make Apollo Delta Jet an excellent sport and long cruise aircraft. The same time powerful engine + very efficient leaf suspension and dual hydraulic brake system make it able to fly from short and rough fields. Bigfoot tire kit makes off road takeoff-landing smooth and easy even for low skill level pilots. It is a very good trainer with dual wheel and wing control installed.
More pictures of Air Trikes assembled trikes below:

Apollo Delta Jet trikes (as well as other Apollo trikes) can be supplied with Rotax 582, Rotax 912(914), Geo-Suzuki G13BB 100HP, G10 60HP and BMW R serie engines. Choice of Aeros wings, Apollo wings an Apogee 16 with struts or cables. Can be supplied as a chassis kit (no engine or wing) for your assembling.

Standard Apollo Delta Jet trike features and equipment:

Solid aluminum leaf main gear covered with streamlined fiberglass.
Hydraulic brakes on rear wheels.
Lap belts + recoil shoulder belts
Tall quickly removable windshield
Neoprene covered nose hole
Stratomaster digital instruments
3-blade KOOLprop
14.5 US gallon (53 liter) fuel tank with gas level sender and gauge
Fiberglass seats with cushions and upper back pilots support
Wheel pants with fins for additional directional stability
Hand throttle (cruise) control reachable for both pilots
Front landing light
2x12V sockets at the dashboard
Aeros Profi with electric trim is a standard wing for this trike


Hydraulic brake for the front wheel
Adventurer kit (3 tundra tires with wide finned wheel pants)
Front wheel steering control from back seat
Profi TL with winglets and navigation lights at the winglets
BRS 1050
Stratomaster color glass panel (EFIS)
Radio, intercom, headset, helmets etc.
If you are interested in other options - contact Air Trikes with E-mail or by phone.

For more info and pictures of this trike visit Apollo website Delta Jet page.

Apollo Jet Star

This 2-place trike chassis has strutted rear wheel suspension, cushion type seats with webbing support and open engine. The cheapest and simplest Apollo trike, but it still has a long fully covered aerodynamically perfect body. Nice trike for beginners. Recommended for floats. The same engines, wings and options as Apollo Delta Jet. For more info and pictures Apollo website Jet Star page.

Apollo Delta Jet 2

This 2-place trike chassis has an angled mast without streamlined fiberglass fairing. It is not so perfact aerodinamically but gives more room for a passenger. It also has a radiator installed at the back, with 2 side scoops. The same engines, wings and options as Apollo Delta Jet. For more info and pictures Apollo website Delta Jet 2 page.

Apollo Moonsoon

This 2-place trike chassis was created based on Apollo Delta Jet 2 design, with the idea of maximal comfort for XXL pilot and passenger. Targeted for US market. Wide seats with back supports for both occupants, passenger handles, asdjustable back seat pedals. The most expensive Apollo trike. The same engines, wings and options as Apollo Delta Jet. For more info and pictures Apollo website Moonsoon page.

Apollo wings

There are 6 wings in Apollo line, cable braced and strutted. Modern materials and design, high quality. Choice of colors. For more info Apollo website WINGS page.