Eagle-Aqua and trike floats.


Aquarius floats are in production from 2008, installed and tested with many different types of trikes and wings. My opinion they are the best ones you can order for up to 1100lb MTOW trike. 5 separate sections x 100 liters = 500 liters each float.

Aquarius floats have a very complicated shape, 3D computer designed and then aerodynamically + hydrodynamically optimized for weight-shift control aircraft. They have 2 big and 2 small "intermediate" steps each for quickest out of water gliding "jump". No "sticking" even on mirror-calm water. Perfect hydrodynamics and low aerodynamic drag allow to use smaller than usually wings and fly with higher than usual for float trike speed. Minimum water splashes. These floats have less drag than 3 tundra wheels! Big rear fins make the aircraft very stable in flight. Each float has a rudder with a liftable water fin. The aircraft with these floats has "hybrid" directional control, not only weight-shift but also aerodynamic control by rudders. The float is hand-made using vacuum injected fiberglass-epoxy and foam sandwich panel technology. It is very light but strong.

New Eagle-Aqua structure was designed for one of our US customers, and built in 2017 with these floats. The same main idea as for Eagle trikes easy to build and repair, affordable materials. We sell Eagle-Aqua set of plans. The structure can be used with Aquarius floats, as well as with another pair of floats optimized for weight-shift aircraft. If you want to order the floats, Eagle-Aqua set of plans or our another trike installed on floats - contact me.