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General Information.

From summer 2005, Air Trikes is a unique North American distributor of Russian company “Red Wings” This company was created as a branch of military aircraft company “TANTK Beriev” in 1990. The goal of this company is design and production of light airplanes and trikes, included aircraft for special purposes. 700+ aircraft were made by the company.

Trike RW50 is designed for special military missions. Extremely tough but light structure, fuel tank up to 40 gallons (Civil variant is 14 + luggage compartment) and comfortable seats allow to fly 10 hours without landing and then come back without refueling. Excellent quality of manufacturing. Very low center of gravity, effective shock absorbers and perfect stability on the ground. Now it has different modifications, various fairings, fuel tanks, landing gears (wheels, skis, floats), wings, engines.

I ordered the first show RW50 "Patrol" trike with a motormount for GEO-Suzuki G10. The quality of its design and manufacturing is obvious from the first glance. Hard anodised aluminum, titanium, steel are used for the structure. It is powecoated. The trike is solid but very light. Fairings and fuel tank are made from high quality strong fiberglass. Double mast with safety cables inside. The fairing consists of 2 modules - nose and middle parts. Ergonomical nose fairing opened both sides, low seats make the access in very easy. The middle part is made as fuel tank with fuel level sender and drainage valve + large storage box, with upper surface made as a passender seat. Excellent aerodynamics and looking, all elements are easy accessible for preflight check. Somebody could say the idea of this trike was taken from Air Creation "Tanarg"... but RW-50 was designed 5 years befire Tanarg.I like its easy assembling from the box. It takes about half a day to repack and assemble it.

Starting from 2007 RW50 most tikes come from overseas by sea containers - 6 assembled trikes in each to keep low price. They are improved for North American market. The radiator is installed inside an aluminum protective frame. There is a place for BRS chute under the engine. Redesigned fuel tank. 2 in-tank fuel pumps can work separately or together for additional safety. 100HP 4-stroke G13BB Suzuki engines are installed instead of 3-cyl 65HP ones. The gas consumption is still about 2 gallons per hour but now RW50 trike is able to fly fully loaded even with 3 working cylinders. Very reliable 4-stroke engine trike has become even more reliable and safe! Trikes with large Tundra tires and hydraulic brakes, parallelogram style instructor stearing with foot throttle control are available. Red Wings Company and Air Trikes Ent. are working to make RW50 SLSA sertified.

RW-50 with 100 HP 4-stroke G13BB engine and wings Profi, Profi TL (strutted), X-155, X-14 is one of my favourite trike for everyday flying, teaching and long cross-country flying. Below you can see my show trike with Profi TL, large windsgield, additional hardtop laggage compartment which can be installed instead of the second seat. With a special electrical trim system it is able to cruise up to 90 MPH speed!

Here are pictures of RW50 trike as it came from the factory and assembled + detailed views.

More pictures. RW-50 with G10 engine, X-14 and instruments as it was shown an Sun n' Fun 2006 Florida. New design of "xtra comfort" seats. 6 trikes (one sea container) as they come trom the factory. Trikes with G13BB 95HP engines.

Open RW-50 trikes. With wide wheels, headlights, chemical tank and spray equipment for agricultural operation. 2 old pictures - one of "James Bond's" RW-50. It is designed foldable to be placed in small container and parachuted with special troops. This trike is very compact. It will take almost no space in your garage and can be transported in your small track or minivan.

Have you ever seen a pilot without both hands and legs? Could you even imagine this? This became possible because of Mr. Burlakov’s Great Spirit, sponsorship of RW Company and quality of RW50 trike with X-14 wing! Click HERE to see the pictures.

Air Trikes pricelist with RW50 is HERE.

Another interesting trike made by RW company is "Bullet". This single-seater has outstanding aerodynamics and flying performances because of perfecty designed fairing and retractable gear system. Can be recommended for competitions with 10 and 12 sq.m. X-wings. The fairing can be made with carbon and kevlar epoxy composite. Excellent trike for racing and soaring. This trike is a frequent Champion of Russia.

Wheels in Wheels out
"Bullet" with retracted gear  "Bullet" with extended gear


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