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General Information.

Ural-Apogee aircraft is a creation of "Rotor" design bureau. This bureu was born at one of Russian Kamov helicopter plants at 1984, first as a club of entusiastic engineers desired to fly their creations. They built their first hanggliders, trikes, airplanes as a hobby, but all their aircraft were made following real aviation standards. Then they organised serial production of designed aircraft at their plant, and later at some other Russian military and civil aviation factories. They designed 26 aircraft of different types, included famous in Russia "Baby bird" and unique 2-place helicopter (PHOTO HERE) with Rotax 912 and coaxial prop only 20" diam.

Ural trike, the last trike designed by "Rotor", has some unique features. It has 3 teardrop-shaped "masts". This triangle structure is very rigid and light. The weight of 2-place trike chassis is only about 80LB. The weight of of the whole aircraft, 2-place Apogee wing, Rotax-503 and 3-blade prop is only 284LB, almost like a legal FAR-103 ultralight. Another feature - this chassis has folded main gears, can be ordered with inflight folded main gears. It means this trike can fly 8-10 MHP faster. It can be easy transported inside a small minivan or track, kept even in a small appartment house taking 2 times less space than a regular trike. It can be assembled in the US as a legal ultralight with light engine, propeller, without the second seat and passenger's foot support, or as a kit-built EAB 2-place aircraft. In Canada it is a legal Ultralight. It can be used as a soaring trike, especially with inflight folded main wheels. The same time even Tundra tires can be installed on its 6" rims. More than 150 Ural aircraft were produced. They can be assembled with different engines (503, 582, HKS, Hirth or MZ), different wheels, floats or skis, even with a chemical tank and sprayers for agriculture work.

Ural trike + wing complete kit comes in 2 compact cardboard packings. 50% fiberglass fairing with rubber mounted dashboard and headlight, fiberglass streamlined fuel tank with clear fuel level tube and drain valve, chromoly steel front fork and motormount, 4 telescopic shock absorbers, effective disc front brake, double throttle control, soft and thick double seat assembly with seat webbing + adjustable (for a pilot or a passenger) back support, very light and strong, made with streamlined anodized aluminum tubing and stainless steel trike structure, 10" front wheel and choice of back wheels - standard features of complete Ural trike kit.

Ural trike chassis looks like this when assembled. This is the variant with foldable main chassis. When folded, the wheels are inside the fairing so the trike can fly much faster than without this option. Look at more pictures of assembled Ural chassis:

Usually Ural trike comes with Apogee wing as a complete aircraft kit (can be used with other wings as well). Apogee 16 is a high efficiency and gliding ratio double-surface trike wing. 400+ wings has been produced. Its unique feature - it comes in a short package so its overseas delivery is not so expensive as for other European wings.
I tested Ural with Apogee and can say - this is a very good flyer. Both trike and wing are ASSEMBLED AT THE FACTORY, WINGS ARE TESTED IN FLIGHT then disassembled in 7” long package (kit) for overseas delivery. Apogee wing KIT PICTURE IS HERE All you need is a set of wrenches to assemble them + engine, prop&gauges to finish the project. High aviation quality of materials and work + affordable price. You can look at chassis drawings HERE. You can order a partially finshed kit, or a ready-to-fly aircraft. We provide builder's help in any form. You can build your own FAR-103, or 2-place trike and register it as E-AB in the US or BULA in Canada.
Ural-Apogee can be your first trike. It is used at trike schools. Ural-Apogee team from Rotor club is a frequent champion of Russia. THESE TRIKES with foldable inflight chassis and HKS engines fly at different International competitions.

Ural-Apogee 503 specifications U.S. Metric

Engine Rotax 503DCDI, 2-stroke, 2-cyl, 50 hp
Length 10 feet, 3 meters
* Landing gear tread about 63" 1.6 meter
Wheel base 67" 1.70 meters
Height (with the wing) 137" 3.5 meters
Wing span 33.4 feet 10.2 meters
Wing aspect ratio 6.5
Prop diameter 63-67"
Chassis kit weight 77lb 35kg
Wing weight 99lb 45kg
Chassis weight 185LB 84kg
Empty Weight (with wing) 284LB 129kg
Fuel 8 gallons 30 liters
Appr. takeoff weight (pilot+passenger)748LB 340kg
Max takeoff weight 836LB 380kg
Useful Load up to 550 pounds 250 kg
Min pilot weight 120LB 55kg
Stall speed around 34mph 55km/h
Cruise Speed 45-65 mph 75-105 km/h
Maximum Speed 75 mph 120 km/h
Gliding ratio 9.5-10
Takeoff run 260' 80m
Landing run 200' 60m
*Depends on the rear wheels used with the trike

Some pictures of Ural-Apogee flying (wing tests made by factory test pilot)

More info about prices is HERE. About Apogee wings HERE.
I can send you small videos if your mailbox can accept about 9MB attachments.

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