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General Information.


Air Trikes is a sole distributor of Tourist line of trikes in North America. Tourist was born as result of our more than 3-year experience of flying and selling KLASS Cruise here. A lot of positive changes were done, but I thought more and more that we need another trike. The trike not adapted (as Klass Cruise) but created especially for North American customers. Big, strong, beautiful and comfortable, with powerful 4-stroke engine, high load capacity and light handling wing.

I used my knowledge as Aerospace Engineer and Aircraft Designer + my 20 year of experience in hangglider and trike design for this work, and of course a huge knowledge and experience of my Ukrainian partners - trike designers. The trike was redesigned used modern methods of 2-D and 3-D computer modeling and drawing.

We took the best from Cruise and Competition (look KLASS below) but Tourist is not just a hybrid of these models. It is a real step ahead. Tourist has got a covered back and carbon-fiberglass leaf suspension like Competition so better aerodynamics and looking. Its full fairing is made with aviation sandwich technology so became lighter and more rigid + a little wider. Composite seats with soft covers are more roomy and comfortable. The front one is adjustable ahead-back + foldable ahead so it is much easier to get in and out for the passenger-instructor. Dashboard bottom made Y-shape instead of T-shape. Even very tall pilots don’t have problems with their knees. Mast is bent so the passenger (instructor) has more comfortable back support. Double hydraulic brakes at rear wheels are standard now. The standard engines are Suzuki G10 and G13BB in additional to Rotax and HKS. BRS chute can be installed under the back seat.

I tested Tourist with G13BB in summer 2005 with 2 wings (X-155 and Aeros Profi). I can say this trike is just excellent! G13BB with KOOLprop is a hurricane! I had 1300FPM climbing easy with my 240LB and full fuel tank. My experienced friends say the trike is flying as with 912S but less vibration and the sound is better. It will be flying perfectly with G10 as most of Cruise trikes because Tourist is a little lighter and has better aerodynamics than Cruise Tourist is more advanced than Klass-Cruise or Competition, hase more standard options but still very reasonably priced. Pricelist is HERE with some info about performances and available options. E-mail us if you want to precise the exact cost of the trike you want to get.

Here are detailed pictures of Tourist trike with G13BB engine.
Click on pictures to enlarge them.

There are some more pictures of Tourist-GEO trikes below:

Click HERE to see a small video clip: TAKEOFF AND CLIMBING of Tourist trike with GEO G13BB engine and X-155 wing. One guy said me after seeing the takeoff: "Holy Shit! That thing climbs like a home sick angel"

For additional information and order E-mail:, Use both addresses. Even if there are temporary problems with one, we will get your E-mail anyway.
Address: Air Trikes Enterprises
6043 Clark street Pierrefonds PQ H8Z 2G3 Canada
Phone: (514) 685-2856


General Information.

Air Trikes is a sole distributor of Ukrainian Light aircraft company "KLASS" in North America.

This company is well known at an East European light aircraft market. KLASS team with their trikes often participate in international air shows and competitions as a part of the Ukrainian sport team. But, in contrast to such Ukrainian ULM companies as Aeros, Antares, Kievprop or Aeroprakt, KLASS has never focused on North or South America market before 2002. I am happy to show their high quality and very reasonably priced products to this market.

White show
Klass cruise
Yellow show

KLASS-Cruise is the most popular KLASS trike. This trike is designed and made using real aviation construction technologies. Most of components are ordered from Ukrainian aviation plants that are the same plants that made transport jets for the former USSR, like the Antonov. It has a full fiberglass fairing with closed head wheel hole and wheel fairings. This design was made using CFD methods and tested in a wind tunnel to minimize aerodynamic drag. Electro coated aluminum tubing structure with shock absorbers suspension gives it a beautiful look and comfortable ride. Two wide fiberglass ergonomic seats with thick soft cushions and 4-point seat belts for pilot and passenger, provide unique comfort for both of them. Hydraulic head wheel brake, aluminum cast wheel disks with high-precision bearings, big fiberglass dashboard with possibility to install digital or classical analog gauges, double (right foot and right hand for steady flight) engine throttle control, two kinds of fiberglass gas tanks 7.5 and 12 galloons - these are all basic features. As extras, it is possible to install removable headlights that don't increase aerodynamic drag, windshield for additional comfort, hydraulic brakes for all wheels, double control for instruction, luggage containers and bags, special fork lock for additional safety during takeoff and landing, soft cover for the trike and engine, ballistic recovery system, intercom system with aviation-style or integral bike-style helmets.

Geo engine
Rotax engine

This trike is produced for Rotax 503, 582 and GEO-Metro 1 liter converted engines. This last feature is very attractive for people who like the price of 2-stroke engines but are not happy about their reliability, gas consumption, maintenance cost, TBO etc. We also can order this trike for you with Rotax 912, HKS, and GEO 1.3 liter

There is an AGRO modification of this trike with 40 galloon chemical tank instead of the passenger seat, and small spraying equipment. Fleets of these small aircraft work over agricultural fields of Russia and Ukraine for years and have proven their efficiency and reliability.

KLASS-Competition is the result of KLASS-Cruise development and enhancements to Cruise design. The differences include long fairing with an engine inside (engine enclosed), and fiberglass leaf suspension of back wheels instead of shock absorbers. This trike has outstanding aerodynamic performance. It is an excellent trike for sport flying and cross-country tourism. It is available with Rotax 503 & 582 engines only.

Klass approach
Klass landing

I bought the first KLASS-Cruise to Canada after several hours of flight tests at KLASS test facility in Ukraine. I got it as a completed kit for GEO-Metro engine with some extras (headlights, windshield, ballistic parachute and intercom with helmets). In 2 weeks I assembled it, installed the engine, registered it at the Transport Canada and started flying. It was very easy even for the first time.

Klass X14
KLASS-Cruise-GEO with X14 and windshield KLASS-Cruise-GEO with X17

I tested this trike with 2 wings: X-17 and X-14 and really enjoyed it all the time I flew. V cruising is 55-65 MPH Vmax 75-80 mph. The engine consumes less than 2 gallons of gas per hour at cruising RPM so it is possible to fly for about 6 hours with standard gas tank! Throttle body injection with computer control fits the engine exactly to any temp, humidity and altitude much better than carburetor. It was a reliable high performance aircraft even for me (240 lbs) with any passenger.

The more KLASS trikes are sold - the more satisfied customers we got. Read feedbacks from some American KLASS owners HERE. Excellent KLASS-GEO design becomes even better as a result of our work together with KLASS manufacturer. This trike got finned wheel pants to increase stability it turbulence. We installed new G13 engine and modified the suspension. Its finishing became really excellent. New wing are designed especially for American market and new US Sport Light Aircraft rules. It is available now in any color for your choice. There are 3 different forks - stanard, with 2" and 4"extentions. KLASS-trike can be ordered as an "easy to built" kit (10-20 hours of assembling) or a completed machine.

Pricelist is HERE. Klass trikes are well-priced not because they are "cheap" quality (in fact, they are made by aviation professionals with real aviation technology) but because of comparatively low Ukrainian labor cost and our start-up marketing policy for North America. I got a KLASS dealer in Florida and appreciate their great work. New dealers are welcome!

Look at other KLASS trike pictures below.
Click on pictures with red frames to enlarge them.

Air Trikes doesn't sell Cruise and Competition models anymore. If you want 100% covered trike, we provide Tourist. If you want 60-80% covered trike, we can supply RW-50 or Aeros-2 trikes with GEO-Suzuki, Rotax, HKS, or BMW100 engines.